The Fabled Good Guy….Okay, Maybe Not Fabled.

I have found that there are more men that consider themselves good guys than a little bit. Many of them like to play the victim and claim that NO ONE wants them. I wonder if these men are being honest with themselves. What makes a man a “good guy” to ONE doesn’t make him saidContinue reading “The Fabled Good Guy….Okay, Maybe Not Fabled.”

Let’s Talk About Yelp!

I’ve been working in private practice medical offices since about 1997 and I have to say that the invention of Yelp! is the devil.  It just is.  Why, you may ask?  Because, people can go online and LIE about situations and get people to avoid going certain places just off their ONE bad experience.  MyContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Yelp!”