Why Lizzo’s Weight ISN’T Your Business

Assuming things about people and body shaming is just wrong especially when you’re in no better shape than the person you are talking about.

Tales from the Psych Ward (Part 2): Getting to Know Other Patients

Finally Getting Roomed When they made the decision to keep me, I was kept in a room with a TV watching old movies and Law and Order: SVU. I kept asking when they were going to take me upstairs and one of the techs asked why I wanted to go upstairs so bad (I wasContinue reading “Tales from the Psych Ward (Part 2): Getting to Know Other Patients”

Tales from the Psych Ward (Part One)

Back Again Okay, 12 years ago, I had to go to Southern Maryland Hospital for getting extremely triggered by my father and cutting the tendons in my hand. I talked about it a little in The Story of My Mental Illness. Well, I found myself back at the same hospital although it is now Medstar SouthernContinue reading “Tales from the Psych Ward (Part One)”

Why You Have to Learn to Live and Let Live for Your OWN Sanity

So, for some reason, Mo’Nique has decided to bring up the age old dispute of pajamas and bonnets in public. It’s an argument as old as time. It’s great to care about YOUR appearance and how other people perceive you but it’s NOT your responsibility to force your beliefs on others. My mother has raisedContinue reading “Why You Have to Learn to Live and Let Live for Your OWN Sanity”

The Pettiness of Facebook and Why I Was “Restricted” for 30 Days

What I did This Time I literally said that “men are dumb sometimes”. This is what I said. Now, I’ve seen a lot of things posted on Facebook that demean women. Don’t get me started on WAP and how the men tore into women for that video and the fact that women were okay withContinue reading “The Pettiness of Facebook and Why I Was “Restricted” for 30 Days”

Being Natural is Hard, Especially Now

I had made a post a while ago about being natural and how I am not a fan of many natural women because they tend to look down on others that aren’t natural. I still stand by that thought. Now, because of this buying Black movement to take our power back and show how powerfulContinue reading “Being Natural is Hard, Especially Now”