I Went to a Podcast Show “Alone” (Again)

Yes, I did it again. I went out into the “wild” to see some very important people.  As most of you know, I don’t do crowds and there are very few people or entities that can make me leave to do so:  Kpop (especially anything involving EXO see How Kpop Changed My Life (Part 3): That Time I Saw SuperM Live) and Obsessed with Disappeared.

A Brief Overview

If you don’t remember my last post about this subject, please feel free to visit I Went to a Podcast Show “Alone”.  You will find out about my experience there the first time.  In the end, I was not alone and met new people.  To this day, we have kept in touch.

As I had said in my post called My Favorite Podcasts (True Crime Edition Part 1), I mentioned the show called Obsessed with Disappeared.  Since the last time I went to the show, a new host was brought on by the name of Joey Taranto.  People really wanted to dislike him because … change.  You CAN’T dislike Joey.  If you do, the devil is in you and you have no friends. Yeah, I said it.  Also, they have a new podcast since Disappeared ended (and is restarting with our friend, Christopher). The new title of the show is I Think Not!

Ellyn is going to kill me for this pic!

The first time we were introduced to Joey via Instagram Live, I personally fell in love with him. He’s a great person, talks to you via voice message or DM, and is just an all around funny guy. Paired with Ellyn Marsh, you can’t lose. And we didn’t. Again, I did NOT regret going to see my favorite podcasters. We will never forget Patrick but this is our new dad now.


I ordered my tickets in November and, from that very moment, I had to mentally prepare to plan an outfit, leave the house, and get there. For introverts, it’s very stressful but I planned so much that I took the day off along with the rest of the week to get myself together (especially my hair). I also had to check and make sure that my buddies were coming although I knew I would meet more people. The week of, I was sending messages and asking if my people were coming.

When We Last Left Off …

Two and a half years ago, I met many people but three people stuck out in my mind. Two are Devan and her daughter, Zoe (she’s a twin) and the other is my little friend that bumrushed me for a seat, Dianna.  Dianna is a LOT like me; we are introverts and it takes a lot for us to leave home BUT, when we do, we can be the life of the party and it drains us.  When we return to our homes, we pass out and vow never to go amongst the people again. I actually saved her a seat this time so she didn’t have to steal it. She wasn’t going to come but I told her that I really wanted to see her so she Uber’d ALL the way from Annapolis so that she could see me and the show. During the show, she thanked me for getting her to come a number of times. I was just glad to have my little partner in crime.

Devan and Zoe brought a “drag along”. He was a DAD (Drag Along Dad). He had a shirt and everything. I will explain the term soon. I got to meet the husband and his face was like “These people are crazy but I love my family”.

My little friend that stole my seat, Dianna.
The Show

This might contain a spoiler but I will say that their intro was absolutely HILARIOUS! They were sitting watching TV and talking about how dumb criminals are. They decided they could be better criminals, found a “lewk”, and did random “crimes” around New York. After a day of crime, they sit down and wonder if there were some gullible people that would pay to watch them act a fool on stage. This is when we laughed at ourselves because that was us and we were proud to be it.

Because they are Broadway performers, of course there was singing and dancing and we were all there for it all. The interaction with the audience was phenomenal before, during, and after the show. They made EVERYONE feel special. I only know about before the show because I snuck in like a little thief (kidding). They literally were calling people out by name. They called me by name and Ellyn gave me some of their sponsored products that I had talked to her about. Did she have to do it? NO! But she did.

Hugging Joey for like the third time.
Going Outside of My Comfort Zone

You see that pic? I don’t hug people. I don’t “people”. We all know this but Joey gave me numerous hugs and THEN, I kid you not, asked me how I was at the end of the show. Why? Because he knew how I felt about being around crowds and being around people. Never in my life have I had a celebrity ask me directly how I was doing and check on my well being. There is a lot to be said for that.

If one were to go to the podcast page, they would see so many pics of Ellyn and Joey hugging people and just smiling. If you had a stone face at that show, you belonged somewhere else.

Even the “drag alongs” were included in the show. What’s a “drag along”? A person that literally has no clue what we are obsessed with but comes with their friend, significant other, family, or even a date so that they won’t be “alone”. The jokes that were directed at the “drag alongs” were hilarious and then they would give them nicknames too. It was just a good time for everyone. We even got new fans because of this. Many “drag alongs” are going to Obsessed Fest in October (if they have it in DC, I would go, I swear I would).

Hugging Ellyn because I could this time
In the End …

I had a ball and all my friends and just everyone that knows me were so proud of me for going out again. When they heard I hugged people, they really were happy. I even looked halfway decent and that vibe from Friday lasted all the way to Sunday. I put makeup on, got dressed, and left the house to get religion. Bottom line: They made my year and it’s only January.

Thank you again Ellyn and Joey! You are the best and I can’t wait to see you guys again!

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