I Did a Thing

Rantings of a Mad Woman is Nine Years Old

I have been on this site for 9 years. I would post things randomly and then I started to be a little more consistent. Life kept lifing and I had to get my thoughts out. In that time, I built up enough content for a book. I took my blogs, went to a site called Pixxibook and made a book out of it. I didn’t know I had written so much but this compendium is great.

I started my blog because I wanted to let people know what it was like to be me. Many people don’t like to be transparent with their life as they feel it will be used against them. Me? I really don’t care. The past is the past and I am learning every single day of my life. I have bipolar disorder, a child with invisible disabilities, and no money. I look like I have it together but nope!

I am not a perfect person and I had to learn to look outside of myself on many subjects. This world is full of perfect, judgmental people and I want other people to know that they don’t have to live up to those standards. Those standards aren’t real. They are what people want you to see and believe.

Yet to Come

Yes, I quoted BTS because they’re going to the military like everyone else so I can tolerate their fans a bit more now. I’m sorry but I’m cackling here. But you guys saw my post about that subject.

I won’t let my next compendium be 9 years’ worth of blogs. I will do it yearly. Because I included my blogs all the way until October 20th this year (the turnaround time for these books is astonishing), I will end the next one in October 2023.

People really want me to do a podcast, but I don’t know if anyone would listen. My friends say they would, and I know people that do podcasts. I don’t even know what it would be about especially since my blogs are just all over the place. This is not a simple task, but no one will hire me to write blogs and I truly need extra income. My job is not making it easy, and I am really about to go into some form of sex work if I can’t get something together. Again, not ashamed. It’s not a game out here and the $51.46 I get for child support isn’t helping. I have been looking for a second job for years now. Even full-time ones aren’t paying what I already get so that’s not helping either, but I already talked about that here.

I do know that my podcast would have NOTHING to do with true crime. I think all the other people have it covered. The stories that no one else can tell are someone else’s. I feel that telling my story and inviting other people the chance to tell their stories would help but we will see. I have a lot to think about, but I don’t want to keep having to ask people to help me pay rent. I understand that people WANT to do it, but I don’t WANT them to do it.

I am still working with my therapists on this. I have so much to tell you guys and so many plans but I need to pick ONE thing and stick to it. My ultimate goal is to be a Forensic Psychologist. That is a huge thing as I would need my Doctorate to even be taken seriously. But I’ll figure it out and my village is behind me every step of the way. Without them, I wouldn’t be here.

If you read this far, thank you. I don’t think my life is interesting but my subscribers and even people that just read it and don’t comment let me know on other platforms. That means a lot to me.

Thank you for being a part of my village.

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Blogging about life. Well, my life. As a black, bipolar, mom to a teenager with special needs, well, there is always a story to tell. From my aversion to having a man to my weird experiences while trying to avoid people, it's all there. Being me is.... different but it always makes for good blogs.

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