Since Everyone is Talking About Ye!

Why is Everyone Talking About Ye?

Well, he has lost a lot of contracts (many people claim that he made certain comments to lose those contracts so he could do his own thing). The only one I really know about is Adidas. The issue is that he said something Anti-Semitic and people finally got mad.

To make it easier, I will link an article about some of things he said here.

My question is: Where was the ire when he said that Black people chose to be slaves? Or when he said that 50% of Black deaths in America are because of abortion (let’s be real, there are no statistics to back that up and I would suggest that people look this up)? Dude makes a comment about Jews and that’s when everyone drops him. The following are just three of the companies that dropped him.

That alone tells me where Black people stand in the U.S. as if I didn’t already know. Where was the ire when he was wearing that White Lives Matter shirt with Candace Owens? It totally undermined the slogan for BLM which means “Black Lives Matter Too”. But this is all coming from a man that makes up his own stats and claims he has never read a book. I didn’t believe he said that when someone brought that to my attention until I read it myself.

I still have to blog about my experiences on TikTok but people actually came on my blog and said that they agreed with everything he said until the comment about Jewish doctors (yes, they were white people and there are some Black folk on Facebook that agree with him too).

I personally don’t agree with ANYTHING he has said. The fact that I can read a book and stats tells me that he pulled these things out of his butt. People are still calling him a genius. If he is, he’s not looking at the whole picture. And, yes, people are still going to stay in his face, but they aren’t looking at his mental health.

I have talked about this portion in my post: Don’t Let Your Hate for the Kardashians and Your Pro Blackness Make You Miss What’s Going On. I don’t care about the things he says because I know where it is coming from: his mental illness(es). The man is not well and has not been well for a very long time. When you are not well and don’t have anyone to rein you in, you have the capacity to go off the deep end.

In addition to having bipolar disorder which has been confirmed, I really think that he has a personality disorder as well. This personality disorder is making him think that there is something wrong with everyone else BUT him. People are ignoring this. I haven’t been a BIG supporter of his since the album with Drunk and Hot Girls on it. I never purchased his overpriced and unattractive clothing, and I really didn’t keep up with him until people started flooding my timeline with his antics.

Mental Illness(es) You Say?

Yes, mental illnesses. When we get one, some others like to come along for the ride. We know that he has bipolar disorder but there is a personality disorder there as well. As I said before, the illnesses are working against one another. Bipolar disorder is there but the personality disorder is saying “But we can handle this”, “I don’t need meds”, “I don’t like how meds make me feel”, “These docs are trying to do something to me”. He thinks he knows what’s best for him and clearly, he doesn’t. He is losing his family, endorsements and partnerships, as well as his mind.

This is not to be a funny thing. I seriously pity him. People are saying that “Oh, he’s using his mental illness as a crutch”. He can’t be doing that when he doesn’t even acknowledge that something is wrong. I was talking to one of my therapists last week and we were talking about how the only person that can bring him back to some sense is his deceased mother. This is sad. I don’t think an intervention will help or anything. Until that man gets out of denial, I don’t know what can be done.

The people that cared for him were pushed away. When Kim had the people flown to him to try to help, he went on a tirade on social media then promptly deleted everything. He has posted and deleted so much stuff that social media has banned him from using certain platforms. What did he expect? Don’t post stuff just to delete it. Stand by it. He’s standing by everything else.

To make all the money he does and not get help even if it’s in a different form, is like a slap in the face to the people that want to get help but can’t afford it. I know that’s none of his concern, but he really needs to get it together. So many people are now suffering from his actions. His children and school (the basketball team is now being penalized for his actions) are the two I am most concerned with.

In The End …

The things that Kanye is saying and doing are horrible but they literally are coming from a place of delusion, denial, and lack of medication and therapy that he really needs. I will never back a thing he has said but I will care about his mental health whether he does or not. Men, you need to really do better with your mental health. It is important not just for yourself but for your health, your children’s health, your legacy, your relationships, your job, etc. I will be writing about this too. People need to understand the importance of being mentally sound.

As always, thank you for reading if you got this far. We have to end this stigma and do better for our future generations.


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