The End?

But First, An Apology

I apologize for my absence when all the entertaining things were happening in the case. I had recaps written for each day but the babies in Texas broke my heart. They literally broke my heart, and I couldn’t write because I was trying to find out how to explain what happened to my daughter and how to cope with the loss of those little angels myself as well as their heroic teachers. I couldn’t laugh or make fun of the stupidity that was Amber Heard and her case. I’m sure everyone understands if they have a heart.

I will be writing about that subject and some of the ignorant things that people without children said before those babies were even buried. However, that is for a different time and a different mindset. May all those children Rest in Paradise and I pray for their families because I don’t know how they are coping with this. As for the survivors, I truly hope that real therapy is provided to them because this right here is the beginning of real PTSD, and I pray for them to persevere through this tragedy.

I Can’t Even Give You the Days Anymore

Day 21 through Day 24 were a hot mess. The biggest hot mess one could ever hope for, and everyone was here for it. I still don’t know how people were taking Amber’s side, but I can only hope they will see the error of their ways. With the amount of lying she did on the stand, I wouldn’t believe her if she told me I was Black.

I do believe that on Day 21, we learned about the Goldwater Rule and Ethics. There was a very posh psychiatrist that got up on that stand and made the crazy psychiatrist look like a total fool. Now, remember, I had complained about the fact that Dr. Spiegel had made a lot of accusations against JD without actually evaluating him as the other doctors had done with AH. I felt that it was wrong and unfair. And just when we needed him to descend from his throne with the APA, our grand rebuttal witness, Dr. Richard Shaw, came and set the record straight. What Dr. Spiegel had done was unethical and it really didn’t help AH’s case at all. It seemed as though all her witnesses and the people that were “helping” her were a reflection of her. Dr. Spiegel literally came undone on the stand and people have been making fun of him for a while about it. I’m not sure he will even have a job after this.

What Is the Goldwater Rule?

According to Psychology Today, it is a rule that says you cannot speculate on the mental state of public figures. This is exactly what Dr. Spiegel did when he said that the man would hit a woman because he fell asleep with food in his mouth. Well, I was on Seroquel (as JD was at the time) and would fall asleep with food in my mouth often. Why? Because it is used to calm your thoughts so that you can go to sleep. In my case, I have bipolar disorder and needed it so that I could go to sleep and not stay up all night which would cause me to become manic. With it being a sleep aid, you had to take it before you went to sleep. When you did that, it would make you hungry. It would take EVERYTHING in me NOT to get out of the bed and find something to eat. So when I tell you that I would fall asleep with food in my mouth, yes, that is what I did. When you sleep right after eating, guess what also happens: You gain weight. And I certainly did. I got up to 248 lbs because of Seroquel but I already talked about this. It was a great time when I got medication induced diabetes. Oh, the memories!

So, yes, the Goldwater Rule says to shut up when it comes to public figures especially when you’re judging based off movies. I found that to be interesting. This guy really based his judgement off movies JD had been in, the fact that he doodled, and ate candy or chewed gum during the case. I might just have a measly old Bachelor’s in Psychology but, if one were to look at his medical records and his medication list, they would see that he has ADHD hence the Ritalin and nicotine dependence, hence the gum. That man had to be fast to be on Ritalin and Seroquel and just jump up off couches to constantly beat AH. JD is also a smoker; the gum was for that. So the doodling, eating candy, and moving around were parts of those already established diagnoses. But what do I know? I just have a CPC (Certified Procedural Coder) behind my name.

Another Angel – Kate Moss

As beautiful as she was when she first got into modeling, Kate Moss was the first witness on the stand on Day 22. Why was she there? Because the habitual door opener (AH) claimed that JD had pushed Kate down the stairs. Kate Moss wouldn’t have even been in this had AH not made the mistake of claiming she hit JD because she thought he was going to push her meth head sister down the stairs as he had “pushed” Kate Moss.

Kate Moss’s testimony was short and sweet. She told the story and kept it moving. They didn’t even cross examine her because they already knew it was pointless. Kate Moss said that JD had gone downstairs, and a monsoon of sorts occurred while they were vacationing. She was coming down the stairs and literally SLIPPED and hurt herself. JD ran to her side, carried her back into the hotel room, and got medical help. The end!

When AH was questioned about why she would say something like that, she claimed that JD told her that and then she started rambling off that it was a rumor that everyone had heard. It was a serious blow to her credibility. They even asked JD about it on rebuttal, and he said the same thing. JD had no beef with a soul except for the bitter Ellen Barkin who is still mad that he chose to break up with her. She wanted to join in AH’s reindeer games and ended up looking stupid. Her testimony was worthless because he was never violent to her. He threw a bottle, didn’t hit her. What was her point again? Oh, to let the world know that he was her sexual partner at one time. She made that part known and not a soul cared.

Hand Surgeons

I can’t tell you how worthless this was. There were three hand surgeons total that testified. We had the one that was there when it happened in the ER, one that handled the surgery and rehab, and then a rebuttal witness that said that the injury didn’t occur as it was stated. I really can’t say that I cared about anything but the fact that no one is going to hit someone with a cast when they have a pin in their finger trying to hold things together. I had a nice hand injury from severing tendons in my two fingers. I wasn’t trying to hit a soul. The man plays the guitar. Why would he want to prolong not being able to do one of the things he loved to do the most? Even the treating surgeon during recovery said that there was no damage to the cast so hitting anyone with a cast was out of the question. I threw this in because I literally forgot about them because the testimony was unnecessary. However, there still are AH fans out there that don’t believe anything and everyone is paid off and a liar.

Dr. Curry v Dr. Hughes

Of course, they had to do their rebuttals. Dr. Curry was first, and she defended her stance on her diagnosis of AH. She didn’t lie. If people really listened to her and then turned around and watched AH, there was not one lie told. The Defense wanted to play games with the type of tests rendered but they forget that both of these psychologists had different specialties. Dr. Curry specialized in PTSD and had worked with people with serious PTSD. The scores that AH secured were higher than that of someone that had seen combat. She checked every box presented to her so that she could play up her problems and diminish her own flaws. There is a reason that those tests are set up and worded the way they are. As you can tell, I agree with Dr. Curry.

Dr. Huges came up and was VERY combative. You see, her specialty was Domestic Violence which I found funny because she rated her on PTSD. Her interviews with AH, family, and friends, didn’t seem to paint the whole picture to me because why are you asking them questions? Not only that, but the questionnaire that was given asked her about a specific time frame when she was no longer with JD. I had pointed that out in my previous post as well because I have taken those tests. They do them for depression, anxiety, etc. And, when they do them, they put a time frame in it. So, in my case, I talk to a SW every month, but she will ask me “In the last two weeks, how often have you felt…..” If Dr. Hughes did her interviews with AH in 29 days and had questionnaires like my example, she was no longer with JD so how could she score high in the PTSD?

This is what the lawyers also pointed out and Dr. Hughes was just pissed so she served no purpose. I found it to be quite entertaining.

Baggage Claim Lady, TMZ Owned Elaine, and The Trailer Brawl

There were more people that came up that had seen something. TMZ was trying to get one quashed to no avail (and we threatened TMZ too). But the first was the baggage claim lady who saw AH and her ex-wife get into it at the baggage claim. She went over to assist because she saw AH pull a necklace off her partner, but they said they were fine. Nothing came of the claims from what I read. Everything was dropped but she was just a witness to violence on Amber’s part and really didn’t have a dog in the fight. Elaine started getting a little feisty and thinking that people were doing things for 15 minutes of fame. She got her little heart broken when called out on it.

That’s right, we got Mr. Tremaine who got up on the stand and said that the only way they can play any video is if they have proof that the person that sent it has copyrights to it. He also showed that they got a cut video as opposed to the whole video that was presented to the court. In addition to THAT, he stated that TMZ was informed that AH would be at the courthouse to get that TRO and that she would have a whole bruise on her face (but remember, no woman walks out of the house with a bruise on their face). Elaine wanted to get feisty and claimed that Mr. Tremaine just came on so that he could get his 15 minutes of fame. That was her new thing. Who knows who taught her that? But Mr. Tremaine said, “The same could be said for you in taking Amber Heard on as a client.” OOPS!

Everyone did say that he looked like Draco and, although I am not a Harry Potter fan, I did get a laugh out of it.

Now Let’s Talk About the Trailer Guy

This was some hot tea. Elaine was trying to get that man off the stand as fast as she could because they had seen that he had made a comment on Twitter (everyone went and followed the Umbrella Guy and Mr. Night because…why not?). Elaine doesn’t understand Twitter though. She accused him of following the Umbrella Guy who supports JD. However, you don’t have to follow someone to comment on their post. I thought I would just point that out. If someone you follow makes a comment on someone else’s post that you DON’T follow, you can comment in most cases. So that went out the window. Elaine then got back on her 15 minutes of fame horse when she wasn’t able to get him dismissed because they had found out that he had prior knowledge of the trial although he hadn’t been following it. JD’s lawyers reached out to him to find out how much damage was done to the trailer and if it was as bad as AH had let on.

Trailer dude said that JD was happy and being cool and that AH had the attitude problem. He also testified that the only damage to the trailer was a light fixture that he fixed and charged JD about $60.00 to replace. So where was all the carnage and where did all the abuse take place? Where were the pics of the bruises on her neck if she got choked out?

Of course, Elaine tried the 15 minutes of fame thing again, but it was old. She should just throw that defense out. I think she learned her lesson after that.

Forensic Software War

There was a forensic software war, and it was kind of funny. The first expert came on JD’s side and explained that the pics that AH had taken were altered to make her “injuries” look worse. Why do I believe this guy? Although he only has a degree in Political Science, he had a ton of experience in forensic software and had even had government contracts. You can’t just get those so that gave him a lot of credibility.

Amber’s people found a rebuttal witness at the local 7Eleven and got him to talk about the very metadata that they wouldn’t allow JD’s expert to talk about. I found that to be interesting. I also found it hilarious that they made it a point to state that this rebuttal witness had a degree in computers but, sir, you don’t have a government contract which usually comes with security clearances, but we’ll let you think that your degree trumps JD’s expert’s credentials. He gave nothing to the case. We were supposed to think that this dude they found in the Best Buy knew more than the first expert. He didn’t.

Recalling Johnny Depp and Amber Heard to the Stand

This blog is extra long this time but I’m going to make it short. JD got on the stand and talked about how this impacted his family, how he just wanted his reputation and his life back. And the WHOLE time he was up there testifying, that whore of a skank was rolling her eyes and laughing at him. What kind of sick person would do something like that? Yet you’re the victim. Yet you’re the one that got hung out to dry.

Amber gets up on the stage (yeah, I said stage) and starts saying that she hasn’t been laughing and smirking like JD was (although she JUST was when he was pouring his heart out up on the stand). She claimed that she wanted her life back too. She was getting death threats and people were saying they wanted to put her child in the microwave. There are stories that debunk that, and her social media is literally locked down. To this day, you can’t comment on any of her social media so I’m not sure how that came about. The most I have EVER seen anyone say about that baby is that she needs to be taken away before she is made a victim as well. People care about that baby and hope that AH gets help, but she says we want her and her child to die. Because we can’t believe a word she says, I’m just going to let those claims go.

She also claimed that dating her comes with rules so that she doesn’t have a panic or anxiety attack. She stated that, even on the set of Aquaman 2, she had panic attacks when certain scenes and things triggered her. I find that interesting as she had James Franco in the elevator with her snuggled up. Did he get those rules after she got the locks changed so JD couldn’t get into his own penthouse? I wonder.

Closing Arguments

I’m going to make this short too. Amber, in her little plea, let it slip that she did write the op-ed about Johnny, but she didn’t think anyone would know who she was talking about. I don’t know how she didn’t think anyone would know who she was talking about when she made it a point to have TMZ there while she went to get that TRO with that bruise she painted on her face. And who else was she married to that was a man that had power? Bottom line: Everything she said, even with her evidence against JD, showed that she wasn’t the victim as she claimed. All she could do is take pics of things that didn’t matter at the time. If the man was asleep all the time, why not take pics of your bruises after he passed out? I literally had an altercation with my daughter (she has special needs), and she scratched me up. Guess who took pics of my scratches. I’m no fool. I don’t need CPS coming for me.

If this man raped you with a bottle, where were the medical records? We don’t need to see a pic of your vagina, but we do need medical records. Her friends never really SAW anything; they always showed up during the aftermath. And none of the people that were witnesses (and were deposed with a grimace) were still friends with her. That has to tell you something.

The only thing that Elaine and Rottenbutt could really say was that JD had a drug problem. We already knew that and most of us thought that she made the problem worse. They claimed that JD was losing his clout in acting because he was late and drunk all the time. However, it was stated that producers and directors knew that this came with JD and accepted it because he was a talented man. The only things they could keep bringing up was drug and alcohol use. They kept trying to use the texts against him as if people have never said some hateful things about their exes. One wouldn’t want to see the things I have said or thought about my daughter’s deadbeat father. When you are mad and you are hurt, you say some things, but you don’t act on them. And JD never acted on them. Beating up cabinets and throwing things is a way not to touch HER when she is pissing him off. Walking away to his “15 houses” is a way to avoid hitting HER.

Of course, they then tried to play the death threats card as well as the fact that she HAD pictures but they weren’t good enough for us. No, they weren’t good enough or us because she took them days after the “incidents” took place. The UK got this totally wrong and were just really messed up for not allowing JD to present his audio and visual evidence. That’s the only way AH actually won that case in addition to the fact that the judge had a conflict of interest and presided anyway. SMH

Johnny walked up out of that courthouse and went on to live his life. That’s all he could do. He put his life in public to show the world that men can be abused too and that sometimes there are spiteful women out there that do some messed up stuff. Every day that JD came to court and left, he played this song by Bob Marley “War” and I respected him for it. He held up a coin to one of the deputies and we still don’t know if it’s a sobriety coin or if it’s a coin that someone from law enforcement gave to him. This would be the last time we saw JD in Fairfax before the verdict. He did his part and he had to let the chips fall as they may.


Johnny won on all his counts. He got $15 million technically but they capped it so he got a little over $10 million as the jury did not believe that AH didn’t do what she did without malice and knowing that people would know who she was talking about. He didn’t care about the money. Everyone already had known that.

Amber won too … kind of. She got $2 million because they thought that the lawyer defamed her. Big whoop! He was right though. And she got ZERO in punitive damages.

Both gave a statement. One gave a very well thought out statement thanking everyone that believe them and the other continued to cry victim. I will let you decide who did what. Someone claimed that this verdict set women back many years and that there was no freedom of speech. It was laughable. Then this person said that one party not being in the courtroom for the verdict was rude. You know who said it. And their social media is STILL locked down. In addition to that, the petition to keep ole girl out of Aquaman 2 is almost at 5 million votes.

DMX Said it Best

I hope never to speak of this broad again because I strongly dislike her as a person. If she really wants her life back, she needs to just let this go just like she should have let it go when she got that $7 million in the divorce. Thank you for coming on this ride with me. I didn’t think I would care so much about this case, but it was a lot deeper than I realized in the beginning, but I am happy with the outcome. Now AH just needs to just let it die and leave folks alone.

Please see my other posts about so many other subjects and follow me. I need more people to read. I was told that I made a lot of spelling errors. I had this blog for 8 years now and obtained my degree while writing sporadically. Hopefully, you can see the growth in my writing as I am growing as a person, but I will be rereading all the post and making changes. The funny thing is that a lot of my old posts are still relevant to this day which is weird. I usually just reshare them but I promise to do better.

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2 thoughts on “The End?

  1. This blog is beautifully written, concise, made great points and explained an incredibly long trial with a lot of knowledge. I’m so thankful for your blog. I have only seen short bits here and there on this trial but from the very beginning I felt that JD was the one in the right and I’m so glad that now the Courts agree with him. I pray Johnny is able to start healing and that he’ll get the roles back he lost. I hope you keep writing, you’re amazing.

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