I Don’t Even Know if I Want to do This Recap (JD v AH Trial Recap for 5/23/2022)

RIP to my brain cells. Even got into an argument (and blocked) someone because they don’t understand how objective the judge was being (and we were on the same side) but let’s get to this mess so I can update my friends and go to bed.

Dr. Richard Moore, the Ortho Surgeon

Worthless! Can I just end it here? No? Okay, well basically, this guy says that Johnny’s hand wasn’t the way that he said it was for him to sustain the injury that he sustained to his finger. Mind you, he wasn’t here, he did not pick the piece of finger up off the floor, he did not seem to review the pics of the scene either. Basically, he was worthless.

His reasoning was not based off a reenactment or anything but the medical records (he harped on the fact that they said that they didn’t have to remove glass) and pretty much tried to call the doctor, witnesses, and the ER doctor liars. All those people lied. Basically, he was speculating that this was a crushing injury due to the fragments of bone and the fact that his fingernail was still intact. But, depending on the trajectory of said vodka bottle throw, it is very possible that injury could have been caused by the vodka bottle. There were pics of glass and blood on the floor. The doc got paid a ton of money to sit up there and be wrong though. I mean, can I get that job? I did most of nursing school and am good with medical terms and all. I digress.

This Psychiatrist got the same treatment the DV “expert” got from onlookers
Dr. Spiegel, the Psychiatrist

Elaine used a LOT of time on this man today. A LOT of time. Being objective and having the knowledge that I have about antipsychotics; I will say that this psychiatrist would have done a better job had he kept it short and sweet. I think he, like the person after him, got a bit too cocky.

I will actually talk about his testimony before they did a cross examination on him so that people can understand. He talked about IPV (intimate partner violence) and how the meds that JD was on could make up a perfect storm for him to actually abuse AH. HOWEVER, he messed up. He didn’t review all the information before going on the stand. But let me back up.

Basically, he was called to be an expert on IPV and the risk factors that would lead to it. What is a risk factor? Well, risk factors are actually variables that would increase the chance of something happening. An example in the medical field is diabetes. Risk factors for diabetes usually involve your weight, race, age, prediabetes, and family history. While these variables can INCREASE your chances of getting diabetes, it does not definitively MEAN you will GET diabetes.

What Dr. Spiegel did, without even interviewing JD, was speculate that, because of the prescription and non-prescription drugs he was on, he would most likely engage in IPV. The thing about the medical field is that it goes based off probability, studies, and sometimes speculation. It’s really a guessing game. Nothing is always set in stone, but they try to make the most educated guess that they can. I felt bad for doctors today.

The prescribed drugs that Johnny Depp was on were Neurontin (Gabapentin) which can be used for nerve pain and seizures for the most part. Although I know this for a fact (certified coder here), I will give you proof here. In addition to this, he was on Ritalin for ADHD, and dang on Seroquel. I have some serious experience with Seroquel. It is usually used for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It helps the mind slow down and WILL put you out. I have literally fallen asleep with food in my mouth on the stuff. AND I got medication induced diabetes from it after 8 years of being on it. It makes you VERY hungry so taking it at night (which you NEED to do) is just a recipe for weight gain BUT you will fall asleep. Here is the info on Seroquel according to WebMD here.

Knowing what we know about the medications above, one would think that JD would be a whole zombie. How exactly is it possible for him to just jump up after being sleepy to go attack someone? In addition to this, in a pic that AH took of JD “nodding off” with ice cream in his hands (yes, I have done that too after taking my dang on Seroquel), the doctor, who clearly didn’t look at the pics, said that JD had vomited on himself when it was actually melted ice cream. Great job, AH. Instead of helping the man you supposedly love, you take a pic of him with ice cream on his pants. Again, I digress.

Now, the psychiatrist was correct (I mean, he DOES have a degree) in the statement that taking too much of said drugs (he claimed he did but there was no proof as there was no drug test so that’s all gone) in addition to drugs like oxy or cocaine can kill you. Yes, this is true. Why isn’t he dead yet? Well? Probably because he isn’t doing all those drugs and we’re going off AH’s testimony of what she thinks is going on when she could very well be partaking as well.

They cross examined Dr. Spiegel and it was just a mess. He started doing this weird thing with his jaw and it looked as though he was going to come undone. I don’t know the name of the lawyer that did the cross, but he sure pissed Dr. Spiegel off. JD and Mr. Chew were just watching, and his credibility fell to shreds. My concern was that the lawyer could have very well USED the testimony against AH, but he chose to pretty much discredit the doctor to the point that none of his testimony was even effective. I say this because everything that Dr. Spiegel put on JD was literally a description of AH given to us by Dr. Shannon Curry (one of my heroes) when she when down the list of BPD and HPD. They could have played it that way but he’s the one with the law degree.

Elaine tried to bring up Dr. Curry and JD’s lawyer was NOT having it. Sir, you did not one interview with JD, you went off testimony, and you literally speculated this whole thing. THEN JD’s lawyer and Dr. Spiegel argued about the APA for longer than it was needed. I agreed with Dr. Spiegel where he said that doctors give opinions based off medical records, testimony, and depositions all the time, but he should NOT have given a diagnosis. He was wrong in that. Everyone else that gave a psychiatric diagnosis actually interacted with the person they were diagnosing, did interviews, and tests, he didn’t. He tried to say that JD was a narcissist. He even tried to talk about JD using an earpiece to remember his lines (they said he listened to music in them); then he spoke on how slow JD talked and how he had a bad memory. He did all this while asking the lawyers to repeat questions because HE forgot what he was asked. Okay, enough about him. The last clown is coming up.

Oh, and people (petty) went to his page to leave 1-star reviews. I keep saying not to do that. First of all, it’s going to get taken down. Secondly, don’t do people like that with small businesses. I worked for a small business and you wouldn’t want someone to do that to you. You don’t have to agree with the man but don’t try to ruin his coins. It makes you another Amber Heard which means you’re a hypocrite. Do better! (See: Let’s Talk About Yelp!)

Casting Expert, Kathryn Arnold
Source: https://www.theentertainmentexpert.com/about

The last “expert” that has a chance to come up again took up a lot of time. She told us her credentials and what she was supposed to do. She was extremely biased (as I am but I can admit it) and said that the comments that JD’s lawyer (who really wasn’t allowed to testify because of privileged information) had a hand in ruining AH’s career. Her task, however, was to tell about the impact of the op-ed, UK case, and comments by JD’s lawyer and how it impacted both parties.

Her testimony was long and drawn out. She used info from the other people and said that comments killed AH’s career. No, AH killed her own career. You don’t go to court with a bruise on your face and then write an op-ed and think that people aren’t going to put 2 and 2 together. They also talked about an article coming out at the same time that the op-ed did and claimed that AH couldn’t have leaked that information to the other source. It was a bunch of cloudy mess.

She claimed that the words that JD’s lawyer had said when he said that AH’s claims were a hoax were reflected in the trends. They weren’t. And most of the people in the chat said they didn’t even know who Amber Heard was until this case (myself included). None of the words said by JD’s lawyer were hashtagged. We didn’t get #amberturd from him nor #amberheardisaliar or #JusticeforJohnnyDepp so her testimony really was a mess.

The biggest place she messed up, however, was by trying to compare AH to the likes of Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Zendaya, and Jason Momoa. That’s where she messed up. Also, for such an expert casting person, she didn’t know a lot about movies. She didn’t know the movies AH was in and she didn’t know why comparing her to the likes of those mentioned above was a far cry from a fair comparison. She also contradicted herself a few times and it went over her head. She said that she spoke to Disney, but no one would speak to her but then she lied and said she talked to them. No, you didn’t, you said they didn’t talk to you. She also said that Jason Momoa and AH had “chemistry”. I don’t know about that, but a lot of people said that they didn’t.

They even gave spoilers to Aquaman 2 and Dune. I found that to be a bit funny personally. It was funny, however, that one minute she said that the casting people keep info close to the chest and don’t talk about salaries and the next she was giving out said information. She got her butt handed to her when JD’s lawyer pointed out that there were a bunch of Batmen and Supermen. AH could easily be replaced, and no one would care. They even went down the list of Batmen which was funny. Bottom line: Yes, AH had a hand in Aquaman and Justice League (no one remembers seeing her in it) but she can be replaced by someone that would help the numbers continue to grow. Her being in the movie would not help with the revenue for the movie at this point.

Then they started arguing about fires and it was almost time for me to get off work. Elaine wanted to get back up there and redirect, and she just made herself look so stupid that even the judge had to help her because she was SO tired, and it was 5:30 p.m. We are waiting to see if the Defense is going to call JD back up on the stand which would be suicide for their case as you don’t want to put him back up there because his testimony will be fresh in the jury’s mind. That’s a bad call.

We do know (I guess) that Kate Moss will be on the stand on Wednesday because AH opened that mouth of hers while she was talking about a fight between JD and her sister. She opened the door for Kate Moss to walk through. She will be testifying via video as to AH’s claim that JD pushed her down the stairs. Kate Moss, don’t you f*ck this up! So far, she has been one of the people that only had good things to say about him. She dated him as well. Everyone he has dated, except that old hag that made it a point to let the court know that she had a “sexual” relationship with JD, has said he was a good dude.

Most people, including myself, are speculating that JD’s mental health and well-being declined once he got with AH. We believe that this was when he started being late to work, being drunk or high, etc. and not fulfilling his duties. Maybe someone will bring that up in the dwindling time we have left to hash this out. I don’t know but, at this point, I truly want this to be over. At least we saw JD looking up today. Probably had a crook in his neck. Poor thing.

In Conclusion….

Pray for that poor Judge. Pray for the jury. Pray Johnny’s neck. It has to hurt looking down all the time. Shoot, just pray for all the J’s because this is a mess and I’m glad it will be over soon. I am glad I am not in that court, on the jury, a fly on the wall, a bee, an alpaca, a Yorkie. Someone end this!

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