A Hot Mess-The Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Case (5/18-5/19/2022)

A Parade of Moochers

Really, the past two days were trash. Amber’s people called up everyone but a number of them had ONE thing in common: They mooched off Johnny. Most of them lived in his Penthouses. Oh, and most were no longer friends of Amber Heard. There is a lot to unpack but their testimony broke down to this:

  • They were friends of Amber’s or a friend of a friend of Amber’s
  • They were Amber’s family
  • Johnny took their broke behinds in
  • None of them paid rent (Johnny should sue them for rent but…)
  • Everyone always came in the aftermath
  • NONE of them are still friends with Amber
  • MOST, if not all of them, were deposed
Dang on Rocky

This broad was a piece of work. There were a few but Rocky thought she was some kind of superhero. She and her EX husband (another moocher that testified by deposition a few months after Amber called him and tried to say she missed him but she really just needed him to testify) hadn’t been able to get in touch with Amber so they took their keys and went in. Rocky, the superhero, told her then fiancée to just go home so she could go check things out. That’s when she “found” Amber all messed up.

I’m a tough broad but if I have a full-grown man with me, he needs to come too. Why would you send him home? That made no sense to me. What if Johnny was there beating the crap out of Amber as he ALWAYS does? Anyhow, she “found” Amber all beat up and stuff and laid with her and cried with her after she TOLD her what Johnny did (hearsay!)

She also testified, however, that she and Amber had gotten into a little tiff before, and Amber popped her in the face. More proof that she likes to put her hands on people.

In all honesty, none of the other testimonies did anything but prove that no one, out of all the people with access to all the penthouses, saw Johnny assault Amber. They saw her upset or crying but that tells us nothing. And, yes, at this point, I’m biased. This was Day 18 and 19 of this trial and there is no way you can be unbiased after all the testimony we have seen in all this time.

What woman beater do you know lets close friends of their VICTIM stay with them. Most batterers isolate their victim. This is a known fact, but I can put some proof here so I that I can look smart. I will say that there was a lot of DV on BOTH sides, but THIS case is about him PHYSICALLY and SEXUALLY abusing her as she claimed. NONE of this has been proven. We have been begging for a doctor to say, “Here are the facts in my medical records about vaginal tearing or bleeding”, “Here is proof of a broken nose”, etc. We got NOTHING! All we have, again, are vids and pics of things that don’t matter and quite frankly DO look staged. We also have proof that Johnny was hit a number of times. But he’s a man.

As I have previously stated, the bruises that we have seen seem to be self-inflicted and painted on. They are not indicative of the brutal abuse she alleges that she suffered. I also don’t think anyone has pointed out yet which side the bruises are on in connection with whether JD is right handed or left handed.

I will say that there was a lot of crying, and it wasn’t from Amber. Raquel cried on her second day of her deposition and the makeup artist cried. Amber never shed a tear.

Melanie Inglessis, a makeup artist, testified that she did Amber’s makeup for the James Corden show. She claimed that Amber was telling the hair stylist and her what happened to her at Johnny’s hands. Let the record reflect that Melanie ALSO is NO longer a friend of Amber Heard’s (at least she didn’t live there). She claims that we can see in the pic on the show that there is swelling to Amber’s lip and that you can’t cover swelling.

CBS Television Distribution/The Late Late Show with James Corden

I bite my lips a lot at night and then they hurt the next morning (I am currently biting my lips right now but can’t find my lip exfoliator). Amber was spotted biting her lips during the trial as well. I would like to know who just goes around telling everyone but the police what happened to them. The logic is off which gives a lot of people pause.

There was a guy and a girl that testified. The girl ran and hid in the gym and the other guy served no purpose either. All of them were old depositions and truly worthless to Amber’s case. IFF anyone did Amber a favor, it was the makeup artist although we still saw nothing, but she swears AH’s lip was swollen but the consensus still is: Did you see what happened to cause this? The answer is ALWAYS NO!

Funny Yet Worthless Testimony

Somehow, AH’s team really thinks that being on drugs and drinking makes you violent in all cases. For some people, it mellows them out. For AH, that wine might give her liquid courage to hit people. There is no definite correlation either way as everyone is different. When I get drunk, I get sleepy or horny; never violent. I have dated men that smoked weed, got drunk, and were as calm as they could be. Again, I feel that this is a way to numb the pain and self-medicate.

JD has a lot of layers to him. It seems that his love language is acts of service and he wants people to be around him most of the time. I am not a therapist but what other reason would you be so nice to a bunch of freeloaders?

The Hashtag Guy got #AmberTurds trending on Twitter today because he claimed that, after the suit with The Sun, people started doing mean Tweets about AH. I didn’t even know about the case with The Sun. I also didn’t read or know about the Op-Ed that AH did in the Washington Post. I wasn’t tweeting anything about AH but I sure did a lot of retweeting after that worthless testimony. Thanks Hashtag Guy!

Ellen Barkin

She had no purpose whatsoever. What she did was make herself look like a bitter ex. First, she said that JD was always doing drugs and drinking, and it looks to me like she was doing it with him. Then she said he was jealous. She also said he got mad and threw a wine bottle…not at anyone but he threw it. Here testimony indicated to me that she was bitter that he broke up with her and she wanted that AH revenge. It did NOTHING for the case.

The Poor Psychiatrist

I was so mad, not at the psychiatrist, but at the ignorant people that don’t understand HIPAA, are not in the medical field, and don’t understand the process of your therapist having to testify. People were mad at him, tried to say he would never work again, etc. That’s not how it works. ANY doctor can be subpoenaed to testify. You can also give your permission for them to use that information. JD knew the list of witnesses. This was not an issue and did NOT hurt his case. JD had options and, instead of being interviewed by a whole new person, he let his past medical records from his personal therapist be used in the case.

And when you listened to him, you could see that he didn’t want to do it. I had to tell people to Google whether a psychiatrist or psychologist can be compelled to testify. They can and you can also give your permission for it to be done.

The psychiatrist was also deposed, and he just told what the notes said. It further proved that JD was working on himself and having a lot of problems with AH.

The Lawyer, Disney, and the Former Agent

Kind of like The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, these three were worthless testimonies. The lawyer kept being advised not to answer because of client privilege and Elaine refused to give up. She probably asked the same questions a good five times in a row only to get the same answer. It was a mess and just made everyone mad. The Disney “spokesperson” was worthless because she couldn’t speak on behalf of Disney but that was what she was there to do. And they talked about the money and the alpacas again (JD said he wouldn’t do Pirates 6 for a ton of money and a bunch of alpacas). Bottom line: JD doesn’t want to do your stupid movie and you’ll be lucky to ever see him again.

The former agent was another worthless witness for the defense, but it is what it is. They kept talking about how JD had money problems and was known for showing up late to set. Many spectators in the chat speculated that maybe he was doing more drugs and showing up late because AH was stressing him so much and he was doing so much for these ungrateful people that he was hemorrhaging money. I tend to agree with this. Was he having all these issues before he got with AH?

My response was that he needed a bunch of moms to harass him and get him out of bed. He would never be late to anything.

The Acting Coach

She was kind of weird to me. She talked about how AH would come to her sessions crying sometimes and she would have to settle her down before doing the coaching. She also made a weird comment about AH not being able to cry on command, so she knew she wasn’t faking when she saw her crying. I found that very interesting. She didn’t cry on the stand. Her friends did. Her friends also seemed to see her crying after things “happened” to her. Something just seemed off about it. One can do certain tricks to cry, and she never actually cried on the stand although she really tried to. But everyone would just say how “upset” she was, but did they ever really see tears coming from this woman? Like actually from her tear ducts?

In the End

I think that this trial is serving as an intervention of sorts. JD’s legal team seems to really care for him. His fans are showing their support and letting him know that we are not here because it’s JD, but because we HEAR him. As I stated in my first post about this, I was NOT a JD fan. I watched his work casually, but I wasn’t running to the movies to see things when they came out.

What got my attention, besides the fact that the trial took place in the county I used to work in, was that I have seen men be abused and not say anything. It bothers me. I have a problem with bullies and liars. It bothers me that women can get away with ruining a man’s whole life, walking away with his hard-earned money, and literally LIE about being beaten. I don’t take that lightly. I have never been physically abused but I have seen it and many of my friends have experienced it. This is NOT a good look. For AH to be a spokesperson for the ACLU, also a problem. To hide behind #metoo is another issue. I don’t like it and I don’t care if people say that I’m a brainless fan. I will be that because I operate off logic, evidence, and common sense. AH has NO evidence that is believable. Was I hoping ANYONE was being abused? No, but society has us believing that men don’t get assaulted by women which just isn’t true and it’s not fair.

My heart goes out to JD because he truly wants to be loved and you can tell. I noticed today (all late) that he tells a self-deprecating joke regarding why everyone is there yelling his name. The other day he said the fans were his “relatives”. Today he said, “I gave them breakfast; waffles”. This sadly makes me feel that he really thinks that he has to give people things for them to like him. And it might be jokingly all day, but I saw a bit deeper than that and it kind of broke my heart.

One More Thing

I saw an article saying that people are triggered by the trial and saying that JD is insinuating that people with Borderline Personality Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder are abusive. I have said this before, and I will say this again: Amber Heard is NOT the spokesperson for your mental illness. She represents herself. Just as all people that drink and do drugs aren’t violent, the same applies here. You are not your diagnosis. Don’t take that on. Everyone’s mental illness comes from different things. You are NOT her so don’t project that onto yourself. Also, if the contents of the trial are a trigger, don’t watch it. I have talked about Knowing Your Triggers before. Just wait for the highlights or verdict. The trial pisses me off but I have no man to beat so I’m safe.

If you got this far, thank you for reading. Please leave a comment or share it with a friend. If you disagree, that’s fine. I won’t fight you. I really tried to be objective here but, at this stage of the trial, it’s hard not to lean to one side. I’ve picked mine.


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  1. I learnt a lot from this post and found it really interesting. Hopefully it will open up important conversations about MEN who suffer from domestic abuse, too. It’s not only women.

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