Let’s Recap This Mess of a Trial (5/16-5/17/2022)

Camille Didn’t Come to Play

Camille Vasquez is the MVP of yesterday and today. She has been in charge of the cross examination of Amber Heard. In addition to pissing AH off, she pissed off Elaine, AH’s lawyer that can’t get a question out to save her life because Camille wasn’t having it.

Although Camille started her cross examination yesterday afternoon, she took no time getting to the point. People were somehow confused how the cross was so short. Easily: Camille didn’t have to do or say a thing to prove that AH was a liar.

The biggest highlight for yesterday was the great debate in semantics using the words “donate” and “pledge”. AH refused to actually answer to the fact that she pledged but did NOT pay the money that she claimed she did on a Danish talk show to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital. She literally said, “I don’t want Johnny’s money.” Okay, so if you didn’t want the money, why not just sign the whole thing over to who you said you were going to give it to?

Instead, she made a payment, JD made a payment, and Elon Musk made a payment “on her behalf”. She continuously tried to argue with Camille what the difference between a “pledge” and a “donation” were. That went on for a good number of minutes to the point that the judge was annoyed (just as we were).

Another great talking point was the fact that Camille was confused as to how AH had all this proof of JD passing out and beating up cabinets but had scant proof of all the “injuries” she suffered.

Tuesday, May 17th

Today started out with a bang. It really did. I was trying to watch it while I was at my GYN appointment (which happened to be in Fairfax, VA). I think that two of the highlights for me were when AH claimed that no woman walks out of the house with a bruise on her face, but she ignored her own statement by going to get the restraining order and having a “photo shoot” at the courthouse. I have to say that I literally screamed at the contradiction.

It was also hilarious to watch Camille just show pics, ask for them to zoom in to her face, and then move on to the next pic. Just asked AH if it was her and moved on to the next pic. I almost died.

She also pointed out some staged photos that were blamed on JD such as a nice little set up of four lines of cocaine. While I have never in my life laid eyes on real cocaine in person, I don’t think it’s smart to just leave it sitting on a table with a card. I mean, one of the little dogs that stepped on a bee could have sniffed that right on up. Then what? A cool breeze could blow it away, then you’ll be mad about it.

There were other staged things such as the lighting in the one pic where AH claimed she got hit in the face with a phone. There were absolutely not changes in the pic besides the lighting which Camille pointed out looked like a filter.

Ohhhh, AH was getting perturbed at that point. She just started spouting all kinds of nonsense, claimed everyone’s stories were untrue, and that she was the only one telling the truth. The nurse lied, the police lied, the man downstairs lied too. Everyone lied but her.

She then pulled the “drug” card. The reason why she couldn’t let JD leave was because he was going to go on a drug binge, and she was worried. Yet, she as so worried that she never said a thing about it in the recordings. In fact, she called him a baby and told him to go to one of his 15 houses to run away.

I’m not for hitting women but if you follow me and make it so that I can’t leave, I won’t be responsible for what happens to you next. Let people leave so that they can diffuse the situation and calm down. Camille, however (like the rest of us), didn’t understand how pics (only) of JD sleeping were taken but no broken nose pics (usually characterized by two black eyes and a crooked nose) were not available. Medical records, a hugely important topic to me as I am a medical coder who has received subpoenas for medical records while working in medical offices, were not present to prove any of these injuries. And the bottle sexual assault notes were nowhere to be found.

Redirect with Elaine

People that don’t understand law were taken aback by how short the cross examination was. Camille didn’t need that much time to prove that AH was a liar. It’s not the amount of time that is important, it’s about the quality information you obtain.

Elaine should have just stayed in her seat and forgot the whole redirect. She got so many sustained objections that it was embarrassing. She argued with the judge, approached the bench so much that she probably beat everyone in a FitBit challenge, and just got so frustrated, she ran out of questions. She couldn’t find a way to ask questions without leading and speculation, so she just gave up.

AH was so pissed that people in the chat noticed two fatal flaws: AH got off the stand before the judge and the jury left and she just left after being told to sit by her lawyer. She probably went in the bathroom and had a tantrum (I didn’t see these things happen so you could probably consider this “hearsay”).

Depositions from IO and Rocky

IO “was” a friend of both parties and started and finished his deposition today. Basically, he said that he never saw JD hit AH but that he said some really mean things to him about AH. I think JD thought he had a friend that wouldn’t tell all his business. Put me on the stand for my best friend and I won’t recall nuffin. I won’t even know when I met them. IO seemed to get a bit of an attitude because they kept asking him the same question over and over again: whether he had ever seen JD hit AH. He said he hadn’t but the saw things like the cut hair that she claimed was pulled out of her head (see: Depp vs Heard (5/4/2022-5/5/2022) My Thoughts) and the so called bruises on her face. I will say that this guy was pretty objective although people didn’t like him or see his purpose. It made sense to me as he had received messages from JD and went with AH to Al Anon meetings. He was pretty neutral so I didn’t see him really harming or helping either person.

Rocky, a former friend of Amber’s, started her deposition testimony (nothing is in person there, so we’ll be watching folks’ old testimony instead of actually seeing them in court which is kind of annoying). Rocky talked about the fact that she and Amber no longer close and, when asked why they were no longer close, she really had no real answer except that she wanted to spend more time with other people. She was asked about AH’s usage of drugs and how often she did them. She also asked about the infamous trailer fight where no one heard anything but just saw that light fixtures were knocked off the wall and some things were on the floor. That really told nothing as to who did all the damage as it could have, again, been staged by AH.

In the End…

If you notice a tone in this post, it’s because the more I see, the more it infuriates me that AH is making a mockery of women that have actually been abused. It annoys me that people still believe her and claim to have watched the whole trial. It annoys me that she brought the #metoo movement along with the ACLU into it. It annoys me that men are saying that women are only supporting JD because we are jealous of AH. It annoys me that people think we are overlooking the fact that JD does have his own demons. No one said that JD didn’t have demons, but he fesses up to them. He has lost a lot, but he has gained a lot of respect. He is speaking out for the men that are embarrassed to state that their woman has hit them, thrown things at them, abused them verbally, etc.

As I said before, this is way bigger than JD and AH. It is showing the world that women do lie and we, as a society, have a tendency to take the woman’s side especially after the #metoo movement. And this woman took this opportunity to literally disrespect every woman that has ever been abused in her life. Again, these issues are very important, and I hope they open the door for more dialogue especially regarding men being abused because it is not unheard of but definitely underreported in heterosexual relationships.


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