Depp vs Heard (5/4/2022-5/5/2022) My Thoughts


5/4/2022 The Defense’s Forensic Psych Part 2

Well, I talked about her 5/3/2022 but her testimony continued to 5/4/2022 and we had to sit through it. When they started on this day after this Dr. Hughes gave her testimony, it was time for the Plaintiff’s side to question her. Just as I had said, they called her out on her usage of pronouns. She defended herself (I guess) that she was just speaking on AH and JD. However, the rest of us that watched the case interpreted it another way.

While she spoke in generalizations, she always placed the woman in the victim column while placing the man as the assailant. This was literally the reason that JD took this to trial. People continue to ignore the fact that men could be abused but she stuck to her guns and said that she went by AH and JD. The Plaintiff’s counsel let it go but they got on her about how much she was being paid for what she was doing ($500/hr). I think they did that out of spite because AH’s lawyers KEPT asking how much people were getting paid for their testimony. It became a running joke.

JD’s lawyers then talked to her about the cases she had done in the past on behalf of men that were abused. What I noticed was that the only cases in which she spoke on behalf of men in domestic violence relationships was in same sex situations. She never, from her testimony, talked about PTSD nor abuse in heterosexual relationships. JD’s lawyers got annoyed with her (as many of us were) and went on to talk about all of the information that she had reviewed prior to the case. One thing that many people know (and might not admit freely) is that people lie to docs. People lie to psychologists. It is up the professional to figure it out in some cases.

Dr. Hughes received her data from doing 29 hours of time with AH but it seems as though the timing skewed the answers to the questions given her. She didn’t see her two days in a row, she saw her months apart. What I mean is that she didn’t talk to her twice in the year from what I understood. As a psychiatric patient, I talk to therapists often and one of my therapists asks me questions based on a specific amount of time. So, although I talk to this social worker every month, the questionnaire asks “In the past two weeks, how often have you had suicidal thoughts” and it gives you the options so that they can add up the scores to find out if you suffer from a certain issue at the present. So, when I talk to one of my therapists, I might have anxiety based on the questionnaire AND depression but next month, I might not have anxiety but have a higher score in depression. I have already been diagnosed with bipolar depression so we already know that I have that but they want to see if it’s going down or up. So, to me, it seems as though they spaced out the visits too much for there to be an accurate measure of improvement. I could be VERY wrong here but that’s how I saw it.

Dr. Hughes also talked about a lot of what other people said and she really seemed to take the word of AH. Her test was not as in depth as Dr. Curry’s was who actually is a person that has more experience in PTSD than DV. Dr. Hughes was a DV professional but claimed that there was PTSD while Dr. Curry stated that even people that had been involved in combat in wars didn’t even score as high as she did which indicated that she was playing up her symptoms for lack of a better term.

In the end, JD’s lawyers got Dr. Hughes to admit she wasn’t there and didn’t see anything that showed that she was actually abused. All she really did was review other doctor’s notes and interviewed friends and family (her mother died after she gave her deposition).

It just surprised a lot of us that two people that are truly experienced in one field (DV and PTSD) disagreed so much. What exactly did the DV psychologist really KNOW about PTSD that the PTSD clinical psychologist doesn’t know about PTSD? How are we seeing more of the traits that Dr. Curry spoke of in AH than those that AH claims are related to PTSD?

I am really trying to be objective here but, if a person specializes in one field and has extensive knowledge and experience with a certain demographic of people, that’s the person I’m going to believe. We will learn more about who really was accurate when Amber takes the stand.


Oh boy! I literally took notes and, based on my limited experience and the fact that I only have a BS in Psychology, I noticed a LOT of things as did many of the other people in the chats I was in watching live. The first thing is that Dr. Curry was correct in her analysis of AH. Her demeanor, her usage of words, the things she paid attention to, how over the top descriptive she was (especially in her 5/5/2022 testimony) gave me pause.

She testified about the first time JD hit her. I’m not going to be sarcastic as I know that domestic violence is real but her dang on testimony…. Okay, so she said that the first time he hit her, she just laid on the floor and looked at the “dirty carpet”. She mentioned the dirty carpet a couple of times. She also stated that she was surprised that he hit her and thought to herself that you don’t hit anyone. A man doesn’t hit a woman, a woman doesn’t hit a man, etc. but the thing is, SHE HAS HIT HER EX-WIFE so help me understand that part. You know that it happens. This is not your first experience with domestic violence so don’t sit there and act like you had no clue what domestic violence is about. Clearly, you didn’t just hit your wife once, so you know. Just because she did it in public doesn’t mean this hadn’t happened before behind closed doors. YOU KNOW!

I’ll just put this article here about her and that dang on “dirty carpet”:

So, Amber gets on the stand and talks about her upbringing. The manner of which she spoke of her father was drastically different from what I had heard before. He broke horses and she helped. She didn’t say much about her mom, but I believe she had once said that they were all drug abusers, including her younger sister Whitney. She didn’t say any of that in her description of her life growing up. She stated that she went to a private school on scholarship, helped at the soup kitchen, and helped deaf kids. She also graduated school early. She wanted to go to California and be something, so she took little jobs here and there. Note: She EVEN DID MAKEUP! Remember I said this. One day, she was on the set in a small role and an actor said that she should go to CA and get an agent. She met with said agent and started doing more small roles. No one cares, I know.

Then she met JD and they were both taken during Rum Diaries so nothing happened, but they would hang out in the trailer and talk about things like books and music. Years later, he called her and wanted to start talking because they were both separated from their partners. I know y’all don’t care and neither did the rest of us. I’ll skip.

He started spending time with her in a “bubble” at her little rented place because he didn’t want to go public and all that. Let me fast forward because every response this woman made was so in depth and LONG that they had to object and say she was unresponsive because she was SO off track. I have never seen anything like it. They lived in a “bubble”, he got to know her family and her dad helped him get her a Colt. She also described her dad as “salt of the earth”. Let’s be honest, no one cares about that. Let’s get to the “abuse”. Clearly, you can tell whose side I am on because, at this point, I am infuriated with what I saw and heard.

Today 5/5/2022

When they came back, AH was back on the stand lying. No one is worried because all she literally did was lie so they let her show her little pictures and texts and talk about all the abuse she suffered. They even let her show her pics with no objection. Why? Because they all really proved JD’s case basically.

AH testified that one day he just slapped her and slapped her again. She couldn’t believe it. She got knocked down and looked at the “dirty carpet”. Another time, she got hit on the plane and “no one did anything”. Then she recorded and you couldn’t hear much of anything. Great job, Amber. You could have done a vid like you did when he was in the kitchen assaulting the cabinets. Maybe taken a picture of your bruises since he did you so dirty. Didn’t even do that. But she did look out the airplane window. She remembered that part very well.

She looked at a lot of things while being “abused”, dirty carpet, a light, the floor. She was just walking around getting beat up for nothing. But, for some reason, she never took a pic at the time of the assault when he wasn’t around. For some reason, she didn’t keep a 5-hour recording from when she chopped his finger off with a bottle. That would have been some great testimony. But nope. When he wrote all the things that he “wrote” after she chopped his finger off, she mentioned the fact that he put her clothes in the tub and poured paint on them. She also mentioned that her feet were cut up and had pictures of EVERYTHING BUT THOSE THINGS! How? Your feet were cut up, correct? Your clothes were ruined but you took pics of the mirror and what he “wrote” on it but not YOUR clothes with paint on them in the bathroom.

Today, she infuriated me because she lived up to every single thing Dr. Curry had said. Her manner of telling stories, the over describing of everything. It was as if she was weaving a tale that we could read one day. Maybe that’s what she wants to do. I won’t be buying it. Dr. Curry’s testimony can be seen here: What Dr. Curry Said.

She never cried on the stand, not real tears anyway. She tried though. I’ll give her that much. Oh, she had some pics of JD on vacation “passed out” while they were on his private island. I personally call it resting but what do I know? I fell asleep with popcorn in my mouth two days ago. I must have passed out from doing drugs. She took a pic of him in the floor after he passed out. It could be a valid passing out pic but why are you taking pics of such mundane things but, when something BIG happens, like how he “broke” her nose and beat her about the head, the pictures are lackluster.

People in the chat in many different chats that I went to (because I wanted to see the overall opinion of people) said that they had been abused, been head butted, been beaten, and they had black eyes when they were head butted. The pics I saw were not of black eyes nor a broken nose. Nor were there medical records or witness testimony saying what they saw. A broken nose causes black eyes and usually gets worse before it gets better. She claims he broke her nose. Her nose did not, in any way, look broken. Yes, she had darkness under her eyes but, when you sustain a headbutt leading to a broken nose, your eyes are sometimes swollen shut and literally BLACK. She said nothing about having trouble breathing and when the nurse came to see her, she didn’t notice anything either, not enough to write about in her notes. Yet, she kept referring to her nose being broken.

The hair that he “yanked” out of her head and the “bald spot” were a joke. It literally looked as if she cut some hair off. There is usually a bulb when your hair comes out of the scalp. It didn’t look like that. It literally looked like a cut piece of hair. Then she showed her scalp which the nurse examined and saw no contusion. It was a whole joke and not a soul is laughing.

Some people get mad and actually pull their own hair out. But that hair on the floor looks like cut hair and, how long is her hair if that’s the length of it?

The number of inconsistencies and the fact that they kept jumping around made this case even harder to watch. One thing that she continuously did was bring up Johnny’s kids. He didn’t have them as witnesses because he didn’t want to bring them into it, but she KEPT his kids’ name in her mouth. She kept getting into trouble for hearsay and told one story that was just so nuts that everyone in the chats found an inconsistency that she missed.

One day, they were sitting with the kids (who knows, she has so many stories) and he kept spilling wine on her pants because he was “passed out”. He spilled wine on her pants to the point that she had to change them two times (she could have moved or taken the wine from him). His son “spoke up” on her behalf and she thanked him in a way to say, “at least SOMEONE cares enough to say something”. Next thing we know, she goes upstairs and somehow JD becomes a real vampire and flies up the stairs to slam her against the wall by her neck (she has been grabbed by her neck so many times, but we never saw pics of neck bruises) and threatens her never to embarrass him in front of his kids.

I want you to remember that she had changed her PANTS twice. Two people pointed this out and I had missed it. Somehow, after being passed out and all, he did this and then he stuck her fingers in her bathing suit. “He didn’t even move them to the side, he stuck his fingers in me” and said something like how she thought she was tough. People wanted to know how all of a sudden, she had a bathing suit on when she had changed her PANTS two times. Good point and I had missed it because I had gotten such a headache from rolling my eyes and wanting to headbutt a wall until I broke my nose and gave myself black eyes.

Final Thoughts

I thank the LORD that this case will not return to court until May 16th because I can’t handle but so much lying. I feel as though there is more proof that JD was abused than what she is claiming, and her injuries could very well be self-inflicted or put on with a brush. She had an arm bruise where she said that he had grabbed her arm, but the bruise was isolated to the middle of her arm. I could do that with makeup. If someone grabs you, the bruise will go around your arm. It wouldn’t just be in the middle of your arm. The bruise she showed was more consistent with a punch. She could have told a better lie.

In the end, as a woman that has never had a man lay a hand on her (except the one time my poor father had to spank me and felt so bad he never touched me again), I literally had tears of rage coming from my eyes. She literally undermined every woman that has been abused with her fantastic stories. Not only that, but she also literally lived up to EVERYTHING Dr. Curry said. JD kept his head down the whole time she was on the stand. The professionals said that he shouldn’t have done that. I said that he should because who wants to look at their abuser? Who wants to look at someone they literally hate? Also, he didn’t want to give her the satisfaction nor attention that she so craved from him. She really wanted him to look at her.

Some people said she would go back with him if he gave her the time of day. I say she wouldn’t because she can’t get blood from a turnip since she ruined his career (for now). She needs to chase Elon Musk and see how that works out. There is so much more I could say but I am just really annoyed with her and her antics. As a woman, I feel ashamed FOR her. I also have a bone to pick with the UK. I don’t know what their laws are, but I don’t understand how The Sun literally got away with calling him a whole “wife beater” based off what I have seen. Her evidence proves that she did all the beating and is consistent with Dr. Curry’s description of her borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder. Everything she is doing on the stand ticks all the boxes. It does not indicate PTSD. You don’t want your memory to be THAT good when you have PTSD. You want to avoid the triggers. If she was actually going to a therapist and dealing with that subject, she would know that. But she remembered every single thing and put on the show of a lifetime. Even stuttering and cutting off her words as though she couldn’t finish her sentence because she was in such internal PAIN.

I really hope she gets what she deserves. I truly hate liars. I am glad she also has incompetent lawyers but it’s just a shame that JD has to go through this. It’s sad that he had to admit that he was abused to clear his name. And I will say as I said in my other post, this man has demons. I don’t doubt that he has SAID hurtful things, but I don’t believe he laid a hand on her. He has a wife and a daughter. Yes, verbal abuse is abuse but they called him a “wife beater”. They both abused one another and should never be near each other again but I will not sit here and put all the blame on him. And I do NOT agree that his livelihood should be taken away while she’s walking around and still working. I also want them to take her child, sorry. It needs to be done for the child’s sake because it’s going to do a lot of damage to that child if she doesn’t at least get help.

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