The Mad Woman’s View of the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Trial (So Far….)

They Say There’s No Such Thing as a Dumb Question

Somebody lied. Listen, I have been sitting through this trial and contemplating going to law school. There is so much craziness in this case that I don’t even know how to explain it. HOWEVER, I will try because I like you people.

Dos and Don’ts

The trial is Mon to Thurs from 10:00a to 5:00p EST and takes place in Fairfax, VA. I could go there but I have a job and don’t want to get evicted (another blog for another time).

There are three breaks: Morning, Lunch (people really have a problem with this break as it’s the longest and they don’t seem to want the people to eat), and Afternoon. If you come on the live, see a clock or the seal for Fairfax, VA, please don’t ask why you don’t hear anything.

If you see the judge talking to lawyers at the bench, don’t ask why you can’t hear. You’ll look silly and people will get tired of answering the same question over and over again.

DON’T ask who the person is on the stand. Half the time, we don’t even know the name unless they repeat it. We just know the person’s occupation.

DON’T ask why they’re asking questions about the education and role of the witness and claim that it doesn’t matter. It MATTERS! Someone got mad when a Forensic Accountant was on the stand. Said it had nothing to do with anything. Um…it did. It was to show how much money JD could have gotten had it not been for those allegations, people taking her side without real proof, and dumping him.

DON’T come in trying to diagnose folks unless you own the Holy Bible of Psychiatry, the DSM-5, are in the mental health or medical field, or have credentials. Let the doctors do the evaluating. Everyone isn’t a narcissist. There are so many other diagnoses in this world and, so far, two Forensic Psychologists (my dream job) and an RN’s notes have said histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, and bipolar disorder for AH (we refer to them by their initials because….lazy).

DO approach the case with an open mind.

DON’T come to the live to complain that there are other more important things in the world to be concerned with (but you’re here). Shoot, I’m coding charts and listening to the trial. We can do multiple things at once. Don’t sit around trying to shame people because you can only do one thing at a time.

DON’T be a troll. What are you? Two?

DON’T ask why we aren’t watching the Maxwell trial. It’s simple, we can’t. It’s a FEDERAL TRIAL! (see:

Understand the Role of the Judge

I have never seen so many people claim that the Judge is biased. Today, many people shut up after the Judge didn’t strike the testimony that AH’s people wanted to have stricken (regarding the Washington Post article itself which was the bulk of the case). I was glad because they were annoying. They were claiming that she on was on AH’s side because she “only” took her lawyer’s objections which wasn’t true at all.

Many people also missed the point that it seems that JD’s lawyers are more seasoned than AH’s who rudely cut people off, didn’t allow them to use their notes to answer questions (except for their witnesses), objected to themselves, yell “Hearsay” every chance they get, and ask literally the same questions over and over again (this is common but “asked and answered” was said a lot).

If JD’s lawyers (he is the Plaintiff in this case) don’t object (because they know how dumb AH’s lawyers are), just calm down. This is chess, not checkers. Just because you can’t see the big picture doesn’t mean that the line of questioning isn’t pertinent to the case. Have patience.

The Gist of the Case

In short, the case is to prove to everyone that AH was the abuser, claimed to be abused using the #metoo movement, and drastically hurt JD’s career to the tune of him losing $40 million for future projects that were dropped due to her op-ed. The op-ed is the crux of the case which was why her lawyers wanted all that testimony stricken. Without it, the case would likely have been thrown out.

But the thing is: JD doesn’t care about the money. He wants his story to be told. And he got to do that. His witnesses were very helpful (many will be getting recalled, especially my girl Dr. Curry) and gave eyewitness accounts of the abuse that JD actually suffered at the hands of AH.


I may seem biased here but, with my little BS in Psychology, I did learn some things, and to me, her actions aren’t those of an abused woman. I think the most damning evidence against her is the evidence that she provided. Granted, I am not a DV expert nor a psychologist but there are some things that don’t make sense. Sometimes abused PEOPLE do illogical things so we have to take that into consideration. HOWEVER, a DV Forensic Psychologist got on the stand today and talked about some horrible accusations against JD including cavity searches for cocaine, being raped with a bottle, choking, preventing her from getting roles, telling her how to dress, verbal abuse, threats of violence, etc.

The DV Forensic Psychologist made ONE fatal flaw that even I, with my two semesters of Paralegal Studies, could tear her apart on the stand. Her whole testimony was biased. When they were asking about her credentials and questions about domestic violence in general, she continuously used the pronouns “she” and “her”. She is labeled as an expert witness which means she got to watch the trial, read depositions and records, and watch the videos that AH provided (that really just turned the case against her). In all the testimony, including the video and audio, police testimony, security, house managers, it was witnessed that JD was constantly abused. They literally testified to her chasing him down when he was diffusing the situation and walking away.

I wish I could feel bad for this psychologist, but I can’t. She further pushed the narrative that people always believe that women are the only victims in domestic violence. In addition to that, she acknowledged that AH said bad things and hit JD but wasn’t a perpetrator. I’m not the brightest tool in the shed but…how?

An Even Bigger Question

AH has proof of conversations where JD said some mean things to her and some “inside joke” things to her where a lot of it was taken out of context. It had to later be explained to make more sense. However, I still can’t wrap my head around being bold enough to record a man after picking a fight with him, talking to him like a dog “Couch! Couch!” (telling him to sit down, I assume), having him come over while you have a whole restraining order in effect and recording him THEN but where is the proof of the sexual abuse, the physical abuse?

AH isn’t dumb by any stretch of the imagination. I could go into so much detail, especially regarding her pledge to the ACLU of which she only paid partially while Elon Musk and JD paid some more of it. She still has not paid the pledge and is likely too broke to do so at the present. If she is so smart, where are the actual medical records of some of the most important and damning injuries in this case, you know, besides the ones where she had makeup on to make it look like she was hurt and had a nosebleed (fingernail polish), had hair pulled out of her scalp (although the nurse noticed no injury)? Maybe we will get that this week and next week as it is the Defense’s turn to say some things, but I can say that the forensic psych isn’t going to really do much for this case because the SMART thing to do is to ask questions about domestic violence toward men. If she hadn’t used “she” and “her” so much, she wouldn’t seem SO biased as if men don’t get abused. This was what JD was trying to prove all along.

Inside Jokes

If you see people talking about Mega Pints of wine and muffins, yelling “Objection, hearsay”, there are reasons. “Mega Pints” is based on a question that one of AH’s attorneys asked regarding his fit in the kitchen that AH recorded. The attorney (the jerk’s last name is Rotterborn and we have other great names for him because is annoying and rude) asked him about an incident where he “assaulted the cabinets”. You can see the story here: . Rottenbutt, Rottenborn, whatever we call him asked him if he poured himself a “Mega Pint” of wine so we went with it.

The Muffins and The Muffin Man

Dr. Shannon Curry, Forensic Psychologist
Amber’s OTHER Attorney, Elaine

Elaine, Elaine, Elaine! What can I say about that little wicked lady? She’s annoying, she’s rude, she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Did I say she was rude? Dr. Shannon Curry is a beast in her field. This woman specializes in PTSD and has tons of credentials and experience to prove it. Elaine didn’t like what was being said and didn’t allow her to check her notes to give concrete answers, cut her off, and was just all over the place.

Dr. Curry had explained how long it took her to analyze AH, what methods she used to evaluate her, and gave a diagnosis. She spent a total of 12 hours with her, gave her a 500+ question questionnaire, reviewed depositions, watched the case (as she is an expert witness), and pretty much broke it all down as I said in my previous post, Trying to Figure Out My Rage Regarding this Trial. For some reason, Elaine became fixated on muffins that were eaten while these evaluations were taking place.

Dr. Curry was running late and asked her husband to run to the store and get some dang on muffins. Elaine must have been hungry or mad that she didn’t get any because she became obsessed with the muffins. You can see an article here: . Through it all, however, Dr. Curry kept her cool and while the other Forensic Psychologist testified, they had the camera right on her because AH’s witness was telling bold faced lies and no one (in the chat at least) believed a word she said. I just can’t wrap my head around having the wherewithal to produce proof of all the other things but no ER reports, not medical records. The only thing that I did, as a medical coder, notice was that JD has a problem with ED. Listen, he’s 58, nothing to be ashamed of, we see it all the time. I wished they hadn’t shown his Rx history because I figured out all his diagnoses by looking at them. Fun times.

Anyhow, that’s the case so far. Got any questions, ask me. I’ll try to answer them or make it make sense. Remember, I am only working with a BS in Psych with a minor in Criminal Justice, my bipolar disorder, and two semesters of Paralegal Studies. Oh, and I’m a certified medical coder which is why I am so interested in the medical records. That RN’s testimony was so dry and didn’t benefit either side. She remembered nothing and her notes…..goodness.

Thanks for reading! Share it with a friend or someone you hate even.

This Just In!

WebMD had to take down this woman’s profile due to the many 1-star reviews that flooded the site after her testimony. I swear, I didn’t do it. That’s above my pay grade. I don’t condone doing this because I have worked in small practices before, and you can literally ruin a career when you do things like that. This is her “unbiased” opinion and we’ll let her have that, but they will crucify her on the stand in a few minutes. I got banned on Facebook for saying I could kill her on the stand with my two semesters of paralegal studies.

Here is the story for your eyes to see and I’ll see you on the other side of this mess.

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