Why I Didn’t Last Over a Week on Dating Sites This Time

Maybe I’m Just Stupid

Many years ago, I went on dating sites and had some experiences that were kind of good but mostly bad. But I was just really bored last week so I went ahead to Ok Cupid and Plenty of Fish Not sure why I thought things would be different but yeah…

Because I already knew that people didn’t read profiles, I made it extremely short and even put two of my blogs to tell them about my dating style (although I knew they would read them either). I put Things I Learned the Hard Way in the Dating World and “You’re So Pretty…. Why Are You Single?” A couple of people have read them but then they still want me to carry the whole conversation.

I Made a Mistake

I tell everyone, when they ask for my number or instantly give me their number, that I don’t give my number to people. One guy seemed really funny and cool so I made the mistake of giving him my number. People always say “You can always block the person” but I literally am one of those people that don’t want to do extra stuff. It’s just like my therapist who says she uses a Google number. If I have to do all that, is it really worth it?

But yeah, I gave my number to someone that doesn’t understand the concept of “I’m working 12 hr days” even though they have a job themselves. In less than a week, the dude “misses” me and makes my brain hurt a bit sometimes. Then he does the personal model mess that I HATE so I send extremely unflattering pics just to shut him up. Doesn’t work which makes me think there is something wrong with him or that he’s desperate. It makes me feel like dating is not for me and that I would really just rather be alone. Plus I’m not even feeling my best. If I am not feeling my best, I don’t need to be trying to be with or even entertain these people that instantly work my nerves by just not really having anything to say. I mean, they have NOTHING to say. They don’t talk to learn about you. They talk to tell you that they want to get close enough to have sex with you. That comes in the form of constant compliments and emptiness.

Today on Twitter, someone wrote that we should teach our girls that there’s more to life than male attention. I countered that we need to teach men not to continue to throw compliments as if we thrive off them. No matter what a woman does, the first thing that MOST men care about are the looks. It would be nice if someone commented on my profile with something in reference to what I said or even just asked me a question about one of my pics since that’s all they seem to care about.

There was one guy that posted pics but most of them were with women. So I asked him why he posted so many pics of himself with women and he said that those were the only ones he had in his phone. I found that to be interesting. I don’t know if that would draw women to you or push them away. I’m not a jealous woman and I wasn’t interested in the guy but just wanted to know the mindset behind the choosing of those pics. I think too much and analyze things but it just seems weird. It’s kind of like the guys that post pics with just crowds so you don’t even know who they are in the pic. Why?

In the End

I love love and I loved how I felt when I thought I was in love but, at the present time, I don’t think I have the energy enough to care about the thoughts, wants, and needs of someone that isn’t my child or animals.

People find love in their 70s and stuff. With my luck, that’s gonna be me and then I’m just gonna die or he’s gonna die right after I finally find him. Yay! They say not to look for love and I mostly don’t. But being bored that one day (or maybe just looking for more stuff to blog about) just made me remember why I would rather be single. I’m not lonely, just single. I truly like being alone especially if it means not having to be bothered with someone texting you so often that you just want to turn your phone off but then you wouldn’t be able to play your games on your phone. LOL

For my previous experiences with online dating (no clue why I thought it would be different but, thankfully, no one asked me to take pics of my feet), see Online Dating – Let’s Be Honest…. and Jeepers CREEPERS!!!! Thanks for reading! I’m off all week and out of Melatonin so I am thinking a lot. Gotta go pick some Melatonin up or some serious liquor.

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Blogging about life. Well, my life. As a black, bipolar, mom to a teenager with special needs, well, there is always a story to tell. From my aversion to having a man to my weird experiences while trying to avoid people, it's all there. Being me is.... different but it always makes for good blogs.

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