YouTubers and Their Lifesaving Channels (Part 2)

So we already talked about my true crime folks and now I want to go on to my other favorite vids which are comedy and Kpop vids. I will NOT talk about the channels that are made by the Kpop artists themselves as they already get enough attention but I will say that some of the best vids are by NCT. They have really cornered the market on the vlogs, no lie. If you didn’t know all 23 of them 2 years ago, you should now even if you are a new fan like me. But let’s get to the reactors, commentators, and just flat out comedians that have helped many during the quarantine.


If you want to scream laughing, I’m telling you, Raffy is a hot mess. This has been a huge week for Kpop with many comebacks and there is still one big one that everyone is looking forward to by NCT 127 on Friday (I believe). So far we have gotten track vids and teasers (he doesn’t watch teasers and I don’t blame him). But, even if you don’t care for Kpop or the artists he covers, you need to watch his vids JUST to see him calm in the beginning, go off DURING the vid, and then calm down again at the end.

Raffy comes complete with SM shoes for yelling at stylists and “devils” (he calls my Kai and many of the members of EXO demons). He moves his chair, he pauses, he also has to call on Jimin to compose himself.

Don’t let this pic fool you. Dude is a HOT MESS and we love him for it!

A new Stray Kids video came out today and this man was in rare form. Because I think he needs more attention, I’m going to post TWO of his vids because….man. If you want to scream laughin, just watch this nut. He comes across hate (he talked about it today) but it doesn’t even matter because we love him anyway.

Stray Kids – Red Lights MV

This is probably one of my favorite ones, he gets SO mad at EXO. A LOT of reactors get so sick of EXO. I mean, they didn’t introduce me to Kpop and make me stay for nothing. Look at these men but look at his response. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time and that’s what’s needed during the quarantine.

Dude got pregnant from Obsession! LMAO!

Be homophobic all you want but you are missing out on some serious comedy and seriously, this is how a lot of women respond. The men are a little bit more reserved but NOT Raffy. NOT at all. He even has a song that I personally like that is his theme song called Where My Money@ and it’s on Spotify. You’ll hear it in the vids.

Where My Money @

If you want to follow ItsRaffy, you can find him here:

Sorry, I had to add this one. It came out today. NCT 127 just put out their brand new video for their title track “Sticker” and the world will never be the same. And here is ItsRaffy having a whole heart attack.

Dezzy March

I talked about Bris (see How Kpop Changed My Life (Part ONE of a MILLION) before but he’s too big now so he doesn’t need any words from me. Dezzy March has collaborated with Bris and has his own channel. He is pretty funny and he reacts to a lot of vids. He recently reacted to Chloe Bailey and I was dying at the statue comment. I will post some of the ones that have had me laughin. I WILL say that he did NOT like that Jay Park vid and I think that’s when I discovered him. He said a lot of what Black people were saying regarding appropriation. That video had been taken down but he was one of the only people that caught it before it got taken down.

His Jay Park video was probably one of the REALEST reactions that I have ever seen. Most people only speak good about the videos, even the ones that are lacking. This dude straight up told how he felt and many people agreed with him (including me). If you are talking about your DNA and you’re Korean, put YOUR culture up, not ours. Appropriation is not a game. The issue is mainly that, the people in South Korea are so used to not having to think about the opinions of other cultures but Kpop has opened that door a long time ago. They have to rethink how they do and say things but that’s a whole different post and I’m still mad at what The Penthouse did. I canceled Jay Park because of this and most people didn’t even though this wasn’t his first offense. It wasn’t just the video but it was the fact that he really tried to defend it. Watch the vid though, you’ll understand.

Dezzy is just really cool and calm for the most part until you irk him. This is refreshing. He doesn’t kiss ass and that’s something that a LOT of reactors do. I haven’t seen anyone say they didn’t like something before. There are some EXO songs that I don’t like and I will say it. What? Is EXO going to come to my house and beat me up (please do, I want to meet yall). But yeah, Dezzy is refreshing to watch.

You can follow Dezzy March here:

Commentary and Comedy YouTubers


I like Briczennie because she is Black, older, knowledgeable, and neutral. Those are things you don’t really find when it comes to Kpop. People are either all up in arms about things that don’t matter or cancelling folks off rumors. I am happy to see more Black people that take an interest in Kpop so that the doors can further be opened. The thing is that we have always been here but we have just become more vocal.

I actually posted a vid of hers in a previous blog about Kpop here: How Kpop Changed My Life (Part ONE of a MILLION). She is into Kpop so she watches shows and does recaps of them. She has a discord as well as a Patreon. You can find her here:

Shitty Flute

My nutty friend who is also one of the snitches told me about this channel called Shitty Fluted. Sent me a link and you don’t know how much I laughed the first time I heard it. However, ShittyFluted is who introduced me to Stray Kids. I have a few favorites by them. They cover all types of songs. I love YMCA, Africa, and definitely God’s Menu but there are SO many more songs from all genres that they do.

The comments on the vids are hilarious and we just all appreciate the pure humor and the ability not to take themselves so seriously. Have a listen and laugh.

I just woke my cat up with this. She is mad but, if you need a laugh, just seriously listen to this and laugh til you cry. I literally cry laughing off these. I had never heard God’s Menu until this so I then went to find the original and the rest is history. Stray Kids is taking all my money and I blame Shitty Flute. We really want them to go on Spotify but I haven’t seen that happen yet which hurts my little heart.

If you would like to follow Shitty Flute, you can find them here:



This is a dynamic duo here that only has 1k subscribers which I think is a shame because their vids are SO good and funny. Most Americans don’t know Korean so, of course, we’re going to ruin Kpop songs that we love. RebEwel makes it so that we aren’t as dumb as we think we are because their lyrics are truly over the top.

I don’t know where you can find them besides YouTube (I just found them on Twitter @ewelreb) BUT I will say that this is a great channel and good for laughs all day. You cannot unhear the lyrics and I actually learned how to sing Taemin’s “Idea” because of them, thanks! I personally think they deserve more attention which was why I had to talk about them.

In Summary…

All of these YouTube creators are helping us get through the quarantine. In addition to the artists that these creators make comedy vids, talk about, and react to, we are truly lucky to have these creators to put smiles and laughter in our hearts.

Most people that read my blogs know that I have had a very tough few years now but seeing these vids always makes my day.

Check them out and see if they make your day too.

As always, thanks so much for reading.

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