YouTubers and Their Lifesaving Channels (Part One)

Let’s face it, many of us wouldn’t have even survived without many of the YouTubers that are out here giving us their treasures in the form of entertaining vids.

In Dedication to Jenna Marbles (No, She Didn’t Die But Still…..)

Many years ago, I found out about YouTube and that was because of a YouTuber that left. She felt bad for her past vids that no one had a problem with when they came out. Jenna Marbles, thank you for introducing me to YouTube and good luck on your future marriage. Jenna Marbles was the epitome of beauty, brains, and straight up comedy. We do miss her so much and I wish that she understood how much we respect her. I mean, this woman took some fish back to the pet store because she was told that she didn’t have the correct type of aquarium. She literally cried. She is a pure person and I hope to see her again on YouTube. Until then, we will follow your man, Julian, and hope to see you in his vids. LOL

True Crime

Bailey Sarian

If you don’t know who she is, then you hate makeup OR true crime. Shoot, you might even hate yourself. Bailey Sarian is the pioneer on YouTube for Makeup, Mystery, Makeup MONDAYS (*theme song*). If you are a fan, you know her theme song and it’s going your head right now or you’re singing it out loud. It’s 5 a.m. here so I can’t yell it.

If you are a fan, you ALSO know that these cases have been heavy on her *click* NOGGIN and this means it’s going to be good. Bailey Sarian is a beautiful young lady (yes, I can call her that, I’m old compared to all these people I am talking about but (as always) I don’t look it LOL) who has killed it in the YouTube world just by her ability to tell stories, have dark humor, encourage her viewers, and beat her face while doing it. Yes, the girl can SLAY a face. She does her makeup and, sometimes she might not know where the look is going, but she makes it work. A lot of the true crime people LOVE Halloween so, during Halloween, many true crime podcasters and Youtubers go out of their way . No clue but I hate all holidays, howEVER, if it means more content, I’ll like it. LMAO!

In addition to MMMM, Bailey Sarian does Dark History where she doesn’t do makeup but talks about historic things that have happened that are lesser known. She just started that series which is a podcast and is on YouTube. But, again, no makeup (yes, I am crying inside). Dark History airs on podcast mediums on Wednesdays and on YouTube on Thursdays. I would suggest you check it out. It’s VERY good.

No lie, she has commented to me on Twitter and I was all happy. I also have her palette. It has some nice colors and all that fun stuff.

Follow Bailey on:

Brittney Vaughn

What can I say about this young lady? She is a piece of work and she is just one of those people that you have to instantly like. Brittney is also a GREAT story teller who does makeup and true crime. Her series airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays (so far we’ve got Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for true crime with makeup) and are full of tons of entertainment. She just moved to Texas (“Beyonce Land”) and is out here on these streets trying to get her beautiful French Bulldog into Hogwarts. And then she turned around and got a new puppy as well. It’s a girl named Bella. Blu got accepted into Hogwarts so now we have to get Bella in there as well.

Anyhow, what draws people to Brittney is that sass and the fact that she’s talking to us like we’re her girlfriends. Blu gets chased by geese, we know about it. If a serial killer or just a killer has your astrological sign, she’s gonna shame you. She will. Brittney is one of those people that is relatable. She shared the story of why she started the YouTube channel and how she, just like many other YouTubers, didn’t think anyone would watch. I believe she got her plaque for all her subscribers and I’m sure she will get another one soon enough.

Brittney always acknowledges Bailey and has suggested other true crime YouTubers that are up and coming. This is very important to those of us that like constant content. It’s also beautiful to see how much these influencers support one another. If you look in the notes for her episodes, she lists at least four other people.

If you want to follow Brittney, here you are and you’re welcome because you won’t regret it:

  • 🐣Twitter | GlamazonGod
  • 👻Snapchat | Bvaughn02
  • 📸Instagram | GlamazonVaughn
  • Email:

Better Off Red

Sara is a newer YouTuber that has done makeup for a while but she has added “Crue Trime” to her repertoire. She is a bit of an unlikely source of comedy. Brittney actually suggested that we watch her. I did and I was stuck after that. I would suggest you watch the vid below. This broad was singing that “Dead Giveaway” song and I swear I was dying.

She is very funny and I am sure she is going to get her play button from YouTube very soon as she is at about 45K subscribers right now. Hopefully her numbers will continue to grow. She really is funny and tries to do local crimes as she is in the DC area (not far from me) so that makes things kind of cool too for the locals here.

Follow Sara here:

I would suggest going ahead and binging Sara’s vids as I had to do with all the others (Bailey, Brittney, Sara anddddddd……. Mike).

That Chapter with Mike Oh

One of the few male YouTubers that I watch because… makeup is Mike Oh. Mike doesn’t put makeup on but he has a great Irish accent so he wins for that. I love to watch his videos because he does a lot of good research but it’s just him and he’s still entertaining. Many people that just sit and tell the stories seem too rehearsed and boring. There are some that are popular that I just can’t get with but Mike isn’t one of them. With over 1.3M viewers, we can’t all be wrong.

True crime can be matter of fact and funny at the same time. Many people don’t understand that concept but Mike has found the perfect mix in his vids about many cases that a lot of people haven’t even heard of.

We also love how he says “three” as “tree”. But Mike Oh is one of those YouTubers that has been in this game for a while. I stumbled upon him through suggestions on another of the aforementioned YouTuber’s vids. I am glad that I found him and he has a TON of content out there. Definitely “give it a goo” (I think that’s what he says).

Mike puts his vids out twice a week. I just click on them as soon as I get the notification (I do this for all mentioned as I have no life and there is usually a time where I go on YouTube and look for things).

Mike can be followed on

In the End

These YouTubers are out here giving people life while speaking of untimely, and sometimes brutal, deaths. This is a form of therapy to some including the YouTubers themselves. I know that, in Brittney’s case, her therapist told her to play in makeup and do whatever as a form of therapy. Look at what it has gotten her. All of these YouTubers, no matter how long they have been doing this, have been the source of laughs, tears, and entertainment. We all should appreciate, acknowledge, and support them all because of this. It’s not easy to put yourself out there for the masses. So, my thanks to all that were mentioned and some that I will talk about later as far as true crime (there are some up and coming true crime YouTubers).

This is just part one because I was really going to put my Kpop people on this but this would be extra long SO this is part one of a two part series. So, the next part will be Kpop Commentary and Comedy. There are many. The comedy is Kpop and non Kpop however and it’s going to be a lot longer than this list. THEN I’m going to cover podcasts that I love but that should just be a one part post (doubt it).

Thank you so much for reading this far. I really appreciate it.

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