Dumb Crap on My Mind

  • If I hadn’t gone to the flippin psych ward, I would still have my streaks on Duolingo and MyFitnessPal. I kind of don’t even want to keep up with my languages anymore because I’m bitter.
  • I don’t want to do anything today. I went to take a nap at lunch and got mad for no reason.
  • Why is it a crime to commit suicide? Like why do the police have to get involved if someone is trying to kill themselves and not someone else?
  • At least I have a job, a car, a roof over my head
  • My daughter is healthy and she looks cute or whatever
  • We got some overtime for the month which is great because…. poor
  • I have some of the best friends ever and we don’t have to be in each other’s face all the time to know that there is someone that cares
  • I got paid today but …. bills
  • I won $1 on my $1 lottery ticket
  • I’m NOT going back to the psych ward but I don’t know what the alternative is
  • The vet called my house for Cutie and Gary in the message and I thought it was the cutest thing. Like they answered the phone and are gonna drive themselves
  • I have a lot of stuff that I should be doing but….. still unmotivated
  • My treadmill would be my friend if I hadn’t put so much oil on it. I tried to run it to fix it and even tried to clean it but it still feels like I will fall if I run.
  • Medical bills suck but at least I have insurance (that one probably should have gone under the Thankful one but I’m lazy)
  • Sometimes I go to sites for expensive things and lament not being a stripper or paying a ton of money to get my body done so some rich person would like me
  • I’m old but at least I don’t look it
  • How come I can’t get drunk and CBD gummies do nothing for me?

In the end…..

I’m still not okay but I can act like I am until I break again.

Published by tallgirl79

Blogging about life. Well, my life. As a black, bipolar, mom to a teenager with special needs, well, there is always a story to tell. From my aversion to having a man to my weird experiences while trying to avoid people, it's all there. Being me is.... different but it always makes for good blogs.

3 thoughts on “Dumb Crap on My Mind

  1. It’s good to be angry. It’s motivating. And it’s good to be unmotivated because sometimes you have just done enough for now. And of course having the police involved in anything is stupid. It’s understandable wanting to check out of this world… you just have to talk to me first😊. I know … I am so annoying 😘. And please also remember that suffering is an option in this crazy world. I can explain more when I give you that knitting lesson.

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