The Pettiness of Facebook and Why I Was “Restricted” for 30 Days

What I did This Time

I literally said that “men are dumb sometimes”. This is what I said. Now, I’ve seen a lot of things posted on Facebook that demean women. Don’t get me started on WAP and how the men tore into women for that video and the fact that women were okay with it because women were only doing what men have been doing for decades but that’s a whole different blog. But, yes, I said that sometimes men are dumb and laughed IN A GROUP!

Sing It With Me: What Hurts the Most!!!!

Not only did my regular account get restricted, they blocked my gaming account as well. That account did nothing to speak of. In addition to this, things have been happening with my friends and I can’t chime in unless I go on flippin Messenger. A friend’s husband died in his sleep, she made a live in a private group, could I comfort her? No. Could I say anything to her during her live? No. I had to talk to her in her messenger.

BTS came out with a new video and, although I am an EXO-L, I had to let people know that I loved their new song and two videos for Dynamite. All I could do is messenger a friend that I knew was a hard core fan to tell her that I liked it. Couldn’t share the vid or anything.

There are some people speaking about mental health and issues but I can’t say anything from the point of view of a person that has a mental illness. So there goes that.

Lets not even talk about my shows and the podcasts I listen to. I can’t discuss them. The dude on Married at First Sight had the gall to tell his wife that she couldn’t cut her hair without talking to him about it because her cutting or changing of her hair might make him lose his attraction to her (although he had just GUSHED about how much he loved her personality). I couldn’t scream in a group about how dumb that was. Or how he likened her cutting her hair off without telling him to him coming home and saying he quit his job without telling her. But we wonder where I got “sometimes men are dumb” comment from. I literally just be over here offering my opinion as there are discussion groups for that very reason and I get in trouble for it.

Another thing that irks the mess out of me is my love for true crime and the two groups that I am in that discuss my two favorite podcasts. True Crime Obsessed and Obsessed with Disappeared are my favorite podcasts and the hosts interact with everyone in the group. Can’t do that. And I couldn’t even talk about it on my gaming account because it seems to take them a millennium to approve people. But that doesn’t matter as THAT account is restricted as well. I do hate everything right now, no lie.

People Think I’m Dead

The last time I wasn’t on Facebook for a week was when I was in the psych ward in 2009. If I’m not on Facebook, people know something is wrong because I am a bit of a fixture on there. Either posting probing questions, discussing shows, making observations about my surroundings, or trying to educate people about things (sharing is caring). Oh, and funny GIFS. I love funny GIFS. They make me laugh.

So yeah, I mean, I can messenger people but it’s not the same. It just isn’t. And Twitter is boring and who wants to walk around posting pics on Instagram all day? Not I. I only post pics when I have attempted to do my makeup. Otherwise, I use Instagram to watch a million makeup tutorials because I love watching people put makeup on.

I mean, before I got blocked on my other account (the gaming one), someone actually called me a “stupid cow” when I was agreeing with them. I promptly told them to reread my comment to see how rude and unnecessary their comment was. They removed the comment. I didn’t report it or anything because I have a thick skin and I know for a fact that most of the people on Facebook would never EVER say half the stuff the say to me in my face. I have stated in another post that Facebook is a form of therapy because I have to use my words. I can’t just choke a person out for being rude. So they’re kind of messing up my therapy as well. Because people really like to get at me big time online and I laugh because I know me.

So let me explain these other posts that got me hemmed up. Because the bots can’t read context or pay attention to what’s going on. Oh, and you can see the other examples in My Seven Days of Exile from Facebook.

Lets go down them ONE by ONE:

So, in this case, we were talking about the rapper that stated that he got his son a prostitute or some mess. People were arguing that he’s not the first man to do it and my point was that, he might not be the first person to do it, but they usually don’t talk about it to the world. Big whoop!

In THIS post, I was talking about how ignorant SOME Black women are to make a comment like this. I made this on MY page. Now, The Real Housewives of Atlanta has some really mad women and my comment is NOTHING compared to the women in there that will insult you, your mom, your kid, and your ancestors if you say something wrong about their favorite person (usually Kenya). To assume that race automatically makes your “grade of hair” better is ignorant. It just is, okay. Like, why did it have to become a competition? That was my point. And it was on MY page. I didn’t go in the comment and go off on the original poster about it and call her all kinds of names as the people in the group usually do. But yeah…..

So, if you look at this one, you will clearly see (if you can read and comprehend) that I was saying that I DON’T hate all White people. I referenced this in another post I Love My White Friends But This Has to be Said. It’s just really crazy that I got into trouble for this one. So stupid.

So yeah, this is just great. I can’t talk to my folks about anything. Can’t have fun. Just have to message people and hope that they actually read the DM or whatever.

But, when I report posts of animals and child abuse, it’s not against Facebook rules. Nudity, it’s good. Beheadings, YEAH! And I have reported these things and they LITERALLY said that no rule was broken. But I literally said that “sometimes men are dumb LOL” and got 30 days. Thanks Facebook. I hope Trump takes them down like TikTok or whatever he’s trying to do. I’ve been called all kinds of names and it cracks me up but I’M bullying people.

Facebook, you are the real MVP. Thanks for stopping me from supporting my friends, giving them laughs, getting them to think outside the box, learn new things, and evaluate themselves. Thanks Facebook, you piece of trash. YAY!

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One thought on “The Pettiness of Facebook and Why I Was “Restricted” for 30 Days

  1. I don’t think you should have been jailed for saying “men are dumb sometimes”, they are. So are women. So are kids. It’s part of being human, for goodness sakes! Omg I love Mr some true Crime as well!!! Sooo good!! Xx

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