I Love My White Friends But This Has to be Said

What many of you fail to realize is that this mess didn’t just START with George Floyd. Not even a month ago Ahmaud Arbery was shot for jogging (by racists that thought they had some sort of authority). Dude was jogging man. What’s worse is that there are SO many other men AND women on a growing LIST of race related shootings that it seems everyone has forgotten about. The list with pics above isn’t even all of them. There have been plenty more since then. But the only time many white people hear about this list is when ANOTHER black person is killed by someone in authority (or thinks they have authority) and Black (and White people with brains) speak on it or tear sh*t up. Because THINGS are more important than a life. THIS ISN’T NEW! NONE of it is new y’all. And I’m SO tired of having to answer the same questions as if I am a spokesperson for the Black community. We have Google. We have it. USE IT! Don’t ask us questions because, honestly, it’s VERY triggering. I’m so triggered, I have told my White friends not to ask me anything about any of this that is going down right now. WE’RE TIRED!

And if it takes knocking stuff down instead of knocking a random White person out out of frustration, take the loss, they have insurance for that. But right now ain’t the time to tell us your woes of bullying because of your race when you were a kid. It ain’t. A girl literally sat and told me that she was bullied by Black girls because she was one of a few White folks at her school. She couldn’t understand the difference between what has been happening to BLACK people for DECADES without wanting to make herself the victim. All because I said I wasn’t stepping foot in Mississippi because many of the people there think like the idiot that said “If George Floyd couldn’t breathe, how was he still talking?” Like really? There are places Black people don’t want to go because they KNOW the place is racist. ONE place is Mississippi. I have a VERY good White friend in Alabama. I will never visit there and she understands. The girl who gave that janky example was speaking “on behalf” of my girl in Alabama. I ALSO got banned from Facebook because their algorithm sucks and it thought that I said that I hated White people. WHAT I SAID WAS “If I hated White people, I wouldn’t have SO many White friends”. And I have a LOT. I have a Rainbow Coalition of friends because it was how I was raised. I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and we are ALL brothers and sisters ALL over the world. They risk their LIVES for one another PERIOD. So I don’t hate White people. I’m just tired of having to spell our history out or them. I’ll let one of your other intelligent friends “whitesplain” it to you because I AM TIRED! WE ARE TIRED!

Oh yeah, I had some White friends say they would have jumped in when George Floyd was getting his neck leaned on. You see that? No fear of the police. Those people that were “bystanders” were threatened with pepper spray. And, pepper spray or not, they were unarmed just as the man was that they were watching be killed before their very eyes. We KNOW that if we had jumped in in any way, there would be multiple bodies on that ground. I can bet that. That lack of fear is the very privilege we have been trying to tell you about.

White people set up the education in America and took out the parts where African Americans built this country and now you want us to be the fountain of the knowledge you erased? No. Do some research. Pick up a book. We had to do it ourselves with the limited resources we were given so go ahead and do the same.

I am SO tired. WE are SO tired. So to sit around and ask us the same questions, feign interest, and then go back to your other white friends and make light of the situation pisses us off. We see it and many of my friends are calling folks out before unfriending them. So many people are so scared of unarmed black people, are you really scared? If people were really scared, wouldn’t it be smart to STOP poking the bear?

The KKK has been talking about a race war since Jerry Springer first came out. We have a whole President sitting here stoking the fire and then trying to bring God into it (God doesn’t even want any parts of this mess) and then we have people trying to point out Black on Black crime (including the sorry “President”).

Understand this and understand really well, we don’t run around just killing white folks for no reason. And let that happen and I can bet money, that Black person would be UNDER the jail in less than a year. But we have people VIDEO TAPED shooting us, strangling us, putting their weight on our necks physically and figuratively, and getting off. Like how? But yall wonder why we’re mad? You’re wondering why they’re messing up your businesses? You care more about your businesses than our lives. That shows where your allegiance lies.

A lot of people are now losing friends and family at higher rates than COVID is taking people out. Racism is a sickness too. Get well. I will quote one thing that a friend of mine said because she has White friends and one didn’t stand up for her and it hurt her. You can’t claim to be FOR us but not defend us. Also, all these White women out here sucking Black dick to make “mixed” babies need to open their mouths and speak on behalf of their men and their children. They need to HOPE that this gets resolved because they will have to pick a side. And it’s not White vs Black, it’s Right vs WRONG. Killing ANYONE is wrong PERIOD. We all grew up with some intelligence to know this much but, to kill and not be prosecuted is another thing. George Zimmerman’s scared behind is still walking around just fine. Many ACTUAL police officers that shot folks in front of their own families are walking around just fine too. They got off.

Let me quote my girl Natasha Guillory from Talks with Tasha on Spotify and get off here because I am so triggered that I have had to talk to my psychologist AND psychiatrist, think about my place in this world, whether I really need or WANT to be here, stop watching the news, and take off from work. And this isn’t out of sadness, it’s out of rage. I have a rage in me that I have described before as deadly and it’s not an exaggeration. So, it’s best that I leave everything and everyone alone for the time being because I have literally lost the ability to can.

A note to my white friends

Don’t embrace with your false hope

Don’t come into my life being colorblind

Don’t diminish what I experience

Because you haven’t experienced it for yourself

Don’t take my hurt as an opening for you to speak on your pain about my mistreatment

Don’t tell me how uncomfortable it is for you to confront someone in a moment when I live in discomfort daily at the hands of people that look just like you

Don’t look me in the face and profess your love for me and humanity but accept the behaviors of those who hate me

Don’t remain silent

Your silence is your acceptance

Talks with Tasha on Spotify and Apple

If you guys REALLY care about what we’re going through, please enlighten yourselves because you have NO idea what we are really going through right now and how TIRED we are of having to explain the obvious. We live it.

And no one is telling you not to speak your mind but come from a place of wanting clarification. Don’t have us spell this mess out for you. Go watch Roots or 12 Years a Slave, Fruitvale Station (these are movies that I canNOT watch because it will piss me off and I know my trigggers so I don’t), or just read a book. Do some footwork. We had to learn about your history. Do us a solid and learn about ours.

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Blogging about life. Well, my life. As a black, bipolar, mom to a teenager with special needs, well, there is always a story to tell. From my aversion to having a man to my weird experiences while trying to avoid people, it's all there. Being me is.... different but it always makes for good blogs.

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